Cruises Undercover

Jeff Egan
25th July 2006, 19:44
There is a programme starting tonight on ITV at 2000hrs called Cruises undercover its a six part fly on the wall about conditions on cruise ships, david are you on line this might be right up your street.

25th July 2006, 22:12
Fly on the wall eh?

That must be where all these infections are coming from. (LOL)


25th July 2006, 22:37
Yes, interesting! Liked the way the man from Lloyds swerved blame for the Calypso to the Spanish, when the MCA let her go a few days before the fire. Also liked the way ships are now ghettos, never go on a cruise - its just like a holiday in Iraq! Or maybe the best bit was when the QM2 was called a ferry? Very informative

25th July 2006, 22:37
Fly on the wall eh?

That must be where all these infections are coming from. (LOL)

Um Brian old pal have I taught you nothing after all these years?.........ships don't have walls they have bulkheads (LOL) (LOL) Oh aye and hang your head in shame Jeff........YOU of all people should know better (*))

John Rogers
26th July 2006, 00:36
There must be some terrible cruise ships around, I will be going on my fourth and I have never had a problem or seen any dirty conditions while on board. I have even took the on-board tour of the ships galley and they are spotless. I guess I am stuck with Holland America Line.

26th July 2006, 07:19
Been cruising for 5 years with Thomson and P&O never had a problem. Ships are well run, clean and the galleys spotless (at least the areas we see ). There are poor operators out there I dont deny but my experiences have been good. I suspect cleanliness is probably better than the average hotel (abroad and in the UK ) and while recently on the Arcadia there were still one or two people still refusing to use the sanitising gel despite the remonstrations of the stewards. It is people that make the ships unhygienic and untill they are educated or told if they dont wash they have to stay in their cabins in chains then I fear the owners have an uphill struggle.

I havent done a nile cruise and having been to Egypt before I have no intention of doing so. Did I hear them say camel was on the menu? I dont know anyone who has done a nile cruise who hasnt spent at least part of it talking on the big white phone to Huwey.

The most disturbing part of last nights programme was the losing of people over the wall ( I seem to remember there is a regulation covering the height of ship side rails, does this not cover balconies ) and the sexual assaults made. These offenders MUST be made accountable and handed to the local authorities for deportation to the country where the owner has its head office or the country where the voyage / cruise originated. This is an issue that shouldnt be allowed to handled on the ship and hidden away by owners. Still enough raving, I intend to carry on cruising and urge people to be aware when they are on a ship that it is no different to being in a small town and there is danger there especially when the booze is flowing and guards are down.

One last comment " Wash your b****Y hands.

26th July 2006, 08:18
My wife and I had a Nile Cruise last year and it was Ok.....Except:
Don't have Ice in your drinks. It is not made from Bottled/Boiled water, and the results are instantaneous!!! :@
The "Sahara" Brand Beer was great @ about US$1-00 for a 600ml Bottle.
Dont even consider local Red or White wine.
Food was great, great range of European AND Egyptian styles.
Hygiene left a bit to be desired. There were 2 Male and Female toilets adjacent to the Dining Room and the same off the Lounge/Bar on another deck. Neither had Paper Towels or Soap during the duration of the trip, and of course nobody spoke English.
But all in all it was a teriffic experience.
Regards and happy cruising,
David D. (*))

Jeff Egan
26th July 2006, 10:55
Sorry Tmac, Fly on the bulkhead, just didn't sound right at the time, recorded the programme to watch later.

26th July 2006, 15:31
Yes David, Quite agree, dont have ice made from tap water, and dont drink anything that comes in a bottle or can that has been opened before it gets to you.

I remember joining a ship in Ethiopia which involved travelling by road from Addis Ababa to Assab and the company instructed us only to drink the bottled beer or coke ( without the ice ) for the 2 day road journey, and to try not to eat anything until we got to the ship. Fortunately there were oranges growing on trees (as they do ) by the side of the road so we existed on bags of them. On arrival in Assab we were told the ship had just sailed and would be back in 4 days. Ate very carefully and obeyed company instructions about drinking beer.

People have to be sensible when visiting foreign places, too many seem to think everything is like it is at home which I expect we all have discovered it aint. Then they blame the cruise company, tour operator etc when they are ill. Also with the advent of the last minute cheapo deal the old adage you get you pay for comes to mind although in this day and age it should be possible to at least have clean toilet and washing facilities. The holiday companies must do more to regulate their clients hotels, apartments, caravans, tents, or cruise ships and to listen and deal with the Genuine complaints.

Paul UK
26th July 2006, 15:36
I know it is down to dirty people but would it not be better to have longer turn around time say 24 hours instead of 8 hours.

I know that ships cost money to keep along side but would it not be cheaper than keep on paying refunds.

Just a thought.


26th July 2006, 21:06
I am supposed to be joining Calypso on Sunday for a Baltic Capitals cruise. It will be my sixth cruise with various companies and I have enjoyed them all in different ways, I have been on a Nile cruise as well. I shall let you know what it was like when I get back, if it is still on. Mick

26th July 2006, 21:44
Its not just dirty ships, or dirty people, both crew and passengers. Until you control hygene amongst passengers and crew things will never change.

Its just like the Hospitals and MRSA, no hygene, no control.

The cause, the lack of hygene, laziness and lack of proper cleaning is due to lack of finance. Its all down to profit, more cleaners less profit, cut the cleaners, increase the profit.


27th July 2006, 09:08
I have been on 3 Nile cruises all on same vessel RAII, not the slightest problem, excellent food, every crew member we came across spoke English, good size cabin with small balcony. Tried the Egyption red wine it was passable-just.

31st July 2006, 22:41
I have been away for a week, so did not see the programme. From what I can gather, it would seem the programme covered stomach bugs and passengers falling overboard.

I can't comment on the programme, but can update members on the outbreak of gastroenteritis on a cruise ship recently. I will not name the ship for obvious reasons, the same reasons why I could never divulge confidential matters in public at least. But sources I was with last week confirmed that the outbreak on this particular ship was traced to a crew member, but not made public.

This is what I have been saying all along in posts. The various types of gastroenteritis on both cruise ships and shoreside is no different today, than during my era. We always traced it to a crew member or other problems on board, never a passenger. And there is no reason to suggest differently now. Once there is an outbreak, of course it spreads quickly and is easy to point the accusing finger. But as I have said so often, time scales simply do not work out to put the blame on passengers all the time or even poor cleaning. If a crew member is a carrier, you can fumigate the ship many times over but it will have no effect at all.

Chris is right about hygiene in hospitals. I was responsible for hygiene in my pathology department, and on the hospitals Health & Safety committee and infection control. When cleaning services were contracted out back in the 1980s, the problems began. I refused to allow contract cleaners into my department because they were not trained to the standards of our domestics who lost their jobs and not taken on by the new company. So my staff and myself did our own cleaning. Having said that, some medical staff are poor at infectious control. Experienced domestics as well as nursing sisters would tell a doctor off for example if they saw him or her do something without washing their hands. But contract cleaners neither have the time or experience to give others a ticking off.

Back to the ships, if hygiene in hospitals was as good as what I saw during my cruises on Oriana and Aurora, MRSA would be halved in no time. But don't blame MRSA on poor hygiene alone. It came about due bascially to our success with antibotics being resistant to some of them. The bacteria that causes it, Staphylococcus aureus has been around since time began, and is found on many individuals. My hospital returned to using our own domestics, and fingers crossed, have very few problems now.

As for passengers going over the wall, I remember being told not to lean on the rails and stare down at the sea because you can be drawn in. I have no idea if that is true, or an 'old wives' tale?. Passengers who eat massive amounts, often drink exsessive amounts. Inside, they may just about stagger around. But when they go on deck hitting the air causing their head to spin even more, and indeed often strong sea breezes possibly colder that they are not used to shoreside worsening the effect of being drunk, they could well become disorientated, stare at the sea, throw up or both, and fall overboard. Yes, there is crime at sea, just like at home, but I am wondering if those who believe passengers are being thrown overboard on a regular basis is reading too many thriller books?!. But if anybody has that programme on video, I would like to see it. As far as I can make out, it is a different subject each week looking in TV times.

Amongst my travels last week, I have been up at Felixstowe, and have a few pictures to post at some stage. Weather was misty with biggest container ship in the world in according to sources, but did not see it to my knowledge. David

1st August 2006, 13:34
I know it is down to dirty people but would it not be better to have longer turn around time say 24 hours instead of 8 hours.

I know that ships cost money to keep along side but would it not be cheaper than keep on paying refunds.

Just a thought.


Exactly..................the cost effectiveness,in all departments,is so obvious that only a money grabbing tourist industry could fail to see it.