Eli Wallach

25th June 2014, 17:44
Eli Wallach dies at 98. A great actor rest in peace. "The Good The Bad, And The Ugly" was one of my favourites.

25th June 2014, 17:54
He was originally lined up for the part of Angelo Maggio in "From Here To Eternity" But after a lot cajoling by Ava Gardiner the Director gave the part to Frank Sinatra who incidently won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

26th June 2014, 09:28
a superb actor also producer-director but reputation sullied as I understand was one of those who 'named names' during the House of Un American Activities purge on Hollywood?
98 a pretty good innings too.

Satanic Mechanic
26th June 2014, 12:23
Blonde you are the son of a thousand fathers every one a Bastid

One of my favourite lines ever

John Rogers
26th June 2014, 13:40
Not only a fine actor but also a fine familyman R.I.P.

27th June 2014, 13:56
Shall never forget his portrayal of the bandido leader in 'The Magnificent Seven' and his menace-laden attempt to persuade Yul Brynner, Steve MacQueen, et al that it would be folly to oppose him (perhaps, he should have read the script first 'cos when push came to shove, poor old Eli never stood a chance). Nevertheless, he was a great actor much admired by others of his profession for his performances on stage and screen. May he rest in peace.

Alex Salmond
28th June 2014, 02:55
Sometimes when someone like Eli Wallach dies you think ,Jeez I thought that guy had died years ago ! but I liked watching him in his movies was it the magnificent seven where he says in a cod Mexican accent when hes offered a Deputy sherrifs badge " Batches!! we don't want no steenking batches "

28th June 2014, 13:45
No, Alex, that was Alfonso Bedoya in "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre".


ray morgan
10th July 2014, 23:25
I seen him in a recent movie with Kate Winslet and Jude Law called the "The Holiday". Did not realize he was that old. Rip.

10th July 2014, 23:41
eli wallach.fine actor fine man,may he rest in peace my condolences to his family.regards ben27

alan ward
11th July 2014, 15:46
Whatever happened to Jack Elam,he outmadded both Eli and Jack Nicholson,mind you Donald Pleasance as Preacher Quint was pretty unsettling.wren`t those ships westerns dreadful who remembers Death Rides a Horse and the Django`s? How come we never got anything remotely horny?

11th July 2014, 20:34
Jack Elam forever remembered for Toothy Thompson
Thought Eli was brilliant as Tuco... a fine actor indeed.

19th July 2014, 22:58
Eli in The Magnificent Seven - "Generosity, that was my first mistake."
The Second had it off pat, and used it often!

P.S. I was Second.