Stranded in port Sudan

26th June 2014, 15:56
Any one out there pay off the Troll Lake in port Sudan in the red sea july 75 and trapped there for a good week or so as could not get a flight out of there to Khartoum,what a night mare but good old Denholms paid our drinks bill as a apology,still got sand where the sun does not shine.

26th June 2014, 17:16
You must have paid of when we joined big nat Petrie got his leg broken on the focsle when tug line parted mad Norman was on her old man was McManus what a trip !!!!!!!!!kev

26th June 2014, 17:47
yes he had a bad time in the hospital there as it was really bad like some thing from the victorian era,we did not do any better as the hotel was strait out of the eighteen hundreds the food was cammel in different disguise at every meal,but the bar kept us going.

26th June 2014, 20:09
I know what the hotel was like we were in it for two weeks it was general Gordon's old headquarters it took us sixteen days from leaving London to notes sleeping on the sand outside Khartoum airport waiting for a flight to port Sudan best regards kev.

26th June 2014, 21:19
When I was there in the mid 60's I was told that it took longer to get to Khartoum then than it did Gordon's day...seems one 'Air Sudan' ( or whatever ) DC-3 was broken down somewhere in Saudi and their one other aircraft had flown to Saudi with spare parts.... nobody knew when either one would return......

26th June 2014, 21:32
well it was still the same when we where stranded there only two prop jobs don't know where they were when one did turn up we had to stand on scales for our weight and our bags so only so many got away on that flight i drew the short straw and had to stay back with some of the other crew for a week more night mare but worse things happen at sea.