2nd August 2006, 14:53
any-one out there sailed on a nice little ship the Silvio.

she ran from Hull to Sweden and Finland mainly.

I was on her in 1967 and stayed for about 6-7 months.

I was the galley boy, the cook was Bob Holcombe, chief steward was Jim Dempsey I believe, assistant steward was Laurie, pantry boy was David.... can't remember his surname even though I later sailed with him on the Norwave.

There was a guy called Dodo Grady on deck, a collossus of a bloke, can't remember much about the rest of the deck crew.

It was a good ship, good happy crew.

2nd August 2006, 15:20
Was it the Wilson Line vessel as there were 4 vessels owned by this company carrying same name.
Silvio (1) 1880 1912 scrapped. 1,193
Silvio (2) 1913 1940 bombed, sunk and scrapped in Liverpool Docks. 1,284
Silvio (3) 1947 1966 sold to Malta, renamed Kristine Pace. 1,798
Silvio (4) 1968 1973 transferred to Ellerman Line, 1974 renamed City of Patras. Sold Ghana 1978 renamed City of Tema

Theres some photos of the Silvio on the following

2nd August 2006, 16:03
Cheers for that Gdynia.

Yes it was the Wilson line Silvio, as I say 'smashing' little ship.

As with all of the ships I was on I have very happy memories of it.

I was taught how to play crib on that ship, it's amazing how addicted you can get to that game.

There wasn't a photo of the Silvio I was on, but I had never seen that web-site before so that was interesting.

I had a look for a couple of the other ships I was on, I've not found pictures of these anywhere..............still, they are the Baltic Jet and the Baltic Importer.

Of all the ships I was on I'm still trying to find pictures of the two Baltic ships and the Silvio.
I found the Norwave on there, probably the crappest ship I was on, mainly down to the Chief Steward........or 2nd steward can't rightly remember, that's how insignificant it was to me.

2nd August 2006, 17:21
Good photo of the Importer on following

Baltic Importer 1953 1969 sold to Ankan Shipping Co., Somalia renamed Silver Swan.
Baltic Jet 1959 1981 sold to Mednavi Sarl, Lebanon renamed Navi Star.

I have a photo of the Jet at home and will put on site when I return to UK. i was on the Polish run on her from Hull and Ipswich.