Fort st Catherine

30th June 2014, 17:41
Any one know who owners of Fort st Catherine where,she was managed by Denholms.

30th June 2014, 19:48
Buckingham Tanker Co. Ltd. were the owners. They had a sister ship, Warwick Fort also managed by Denholm. Both around 83,500 dwt, both built by Cantieri Riuniti dell' Adriatico, Monfalcone. Single screw, 10 cyl 2 SCSA Fiat. Warwick Fort delivered 8/66, her sister 10/66.

30th June 2014, 23:11
Both dogs. The beneficial owner was Camelli of Italy.

Story was Camelli used a British government subsidy to build them, then found out very late they would have to be British flagged.


Stephen J. Card
30th June 2014, 23:24
Both BAAAAAD Dogs!

I believe there were two or three more built at the yard for other owners.

A few other notes under the photo of the ship in Gallery.

In fairness.... the layout was simple..... three tanks across and four down.... the last one on starboard side was split into a slop tank. No.3 was 3 stbd, 3 ctr and 3 port was common as a flume tank.

Can you imagine any ship being built like this today?!!!

The cadet's cabin was fantastic... huge and well laidout. The tally over the door said Second Officers. The Second dad moved into a small Pilot Cabin. My cabin was right over the E/R skylight... between the superstructure and the funnel. No light, no ventilation and NO A.C.!!!!!!