Skinboat Aground

Willie Mac
6th August 2006, 19:05
Took this photo in Tela in 1972. I think she was a Dutch skinboat. Can anyone remember which one and what happened to her. Used to pass her on the way to the local drinking holes. The bar we used to frequent was built on stilts and jutted out into the bay. Each night, after a few beers, the usual pastime was to see who could jump the furthest from their table out into the bay. Obviously more strenuous activities were undertaken later on. Would apprecite a copy of any photos of Tela in these days


Willie Mac

Jim S
6th August 2006, 20:58
I believe the photo is of Elders & Fyffes RONDE. She groundedwhile entering Tela on 17th Jan 1972 and was refloated on 3rd Feb.
Built in 1945 as SAN JOSE for United Mail SS co of New York - United Fruit Company the managers. A twin screw turbine steamer of about 7000 grt.
Transferred to Fyffes in 1969 and renamed RONDE. Broken up at Kaohsiung, Taiwan in early 1976.

Further to above, an attempt to refloat RONDE was made by Fyffes motorship MUSA. A tow wire was attached but unfortunately parted and MUSA was instructed by head office to abandon her attempt.

25th August 2006, 14:23
Regarding the grounding of the SS. Ronde at Tela, Hondurus in 1972. I was serving as 3rd Eng. on her at the time, We eventually got off the beach with the help of 3 Deep sea tugs brought over from Jamaca. The Ronde then made her own way to Todds Ship yard in Galveston, where we spent some eight weeks for repairs.She then continued her normal duties until being scrapped in 1976. The bar on stilts may well have been in a bannana port called Barrios, and the local rum was called Barraleto.