Dems gunner ww2

4th July 2014, 22:04
hello members, im the daughter of a fomer dems gunner,thomas william o'connell, [pops]. who served on merchant navy ships in ww2. i do know that he was in wallaroo,s.australia on the s.s.sam jack in 1944. if anyone remembers him or has any information or photos of the ships he served on i would be very interested to hear from you. thank you.

4th July 2014, 22:31

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4th July 2014, 22:43
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4th July 2014, 23:54
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Hugh MacLean
5th July 2014, 18:06
Hello and welcome DL,

I would advise starting any research on a serviceman with his service records.

DEMS gunners are not the easiest to research and the merchant ships they served in are not always mentioned in service records.

SAMJACK was in Adelaide from 25th August until 21st September 1944.

Have a look at this thread for some more detail on the ship:


11th July 2014, 16:58
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13th July 2014, 11:16
hi hugh, thank you so much for your very helpful information,it's very much appreciated. dl