Single new thread for France/Norway/Blue Lady

16th August 2006, 16:29
Dear All,

At the last count there were over 11 threads related to the fate of this ship spread across four separate forums.

The moderators have decided that this is ridiculous so they will all be merged into a single thread called "The fate of France/Norway/Blue Lady" which will be placed in the "Ships and Breakers" forum.

We ask all members to put any further postings on this topic into the new thread from now on please.



David Wilcockson
1st March 2007, 12:22
OK Brian I give up, where have you hidden the thread, I know it was here but can`t find it now, or am I looking in the wrong place?

fred henderson
1st March 2007, 12:30
I think Brian is saying it will appear in Ships & the Breakers, David.


non descript
1st March 2007, 12:32
try here:

David Wilcockson
1st March 2007, 23:54
Thanks for that gents.