David Hambley
15th July 2014, 20:37
I am trying to get information, pictures and trade routes for the above vessel "Persian"
It was built by Scott & Co Greenock in 1878. A steel hulled sailing ship. I am not sure if it also had engines.

Sold to McKay & Co in 1884.

Sold to A/S Malalda Karl Brusgaad Drammen and renamed "Malfalda" in 1903

Sold to Abrahamsen Porsgrund in 1916.

Sold to F T Bergh Porsgiund in 1919.

Sold to Venturini Italy in 1922.

Scrapped in Vancouver Canada in 1924

Any further information about the vessel would help me in recording its history. Or can anybody suggest a site that would lead me to what I am looking for.

Hope somebody can help me.

n. liddell (sparks)
16th July 2014, 08:25
Greetings David - some pics of vessel "Persian" on - a couple of which look as though they may be old enough to fit. Hope so. BV

David Hambley
18th July 2014, 20:50
Hi Sparks
Checked the site you gave me. A few ships named Persian but all have follow on names after the Persian. The ship was built at Scot's and their listing is Just Persian. As for Malfalda nothing.

Anyway I will keep up the search. Thanks for your input
Rgs David