Federal Steam Navigation Co/s DORSET

4th October 2004, 07:56
Although part of the P&O Group,Federal SN ships kept their identity more or less into the 1970s.
DORSET was built by Alexander Stephen at Linthouse in 1949 and I took this in London in the late 60s.She lasted until 1972 and was broken up in Turkey.

4th October 2004, 10:16
DORSET have a good profile for those years! She was similar to MIDDLESEX
SURREY and JUNA(British India ex CORNWALL) .

Tom Haywood
26th May 2005, 22:39
I joined the Dorset in January 1967 for a quick 6 months trip to ANZ for the apple and pear season, we sailed from Liverpool and arrived back in Liverpool on the 1st June. Although a motor man it was an experance to do a trip on a steam ship. I seem to remember that although she had been well maintained she had had a hard life even in 1967.

Tom Haywood

13th June 2005, 19:53
hello, i was on the Dorset in 1966,it was wonderful. I was in new zealand when my football team got to wembley for the first in my life, we played everton and we had an everton fan on board, the cook let me listen to the match, we went 2-0 up and lost 3-2.We did 4 ports in n.z.then to the continent for 3 more ports, the strike of '66 was in full swing, we anchored off of southend for a few days...........argh,all those people having fun, we took her to dry-dock in falmouth... a beautiful place, fitting for a beautiful ship.

Tony Millen
3rd February 2006, 01:37
I was on the Dorset when we left Falmouth to go to Australia on the 25th Feb. '61 and arrived back in Tilbury 6th July '61. I was employed as a J.O.S.

Tom Haywood
3rd February 2006, 02:43
There is a old black & white photo of the Dorset in my gallery taken by a photo hawker in Melbourne if you are interested.