Rockhampton Star

Bob S
4th October 2004, 13:35
ROCKHAMPTON STAR (58/10619) seen in the Royal Docks, London in the late 1960's.

4th October 2004, 15:38
An example of 6 passensers 389000 c.f .R built Fairfield, she had a sister

Rob Randle
26th November 2005, 12:35
I signed on the "Rocky" in Melbourne in 1963.I had sailed from the UK as first trip Cadet on board the Hobart Star in May of that year.We had discharged our outward cargo and almost completed loading for home when the "Old man" (Harry Moon) told me I was to "pay off" and join the Rockhampton the following day.She was just about the best and happiest ship I was in.Singapore Chinese crew and British officers.The other two cadets were Tim Cowley (South Africa) and Chris Farlowe (Gravesend), Tim was replaced in New York by REG (Reg) Davies (Canada). Where are you guys? I forgot to say the ship was on the MANZ run,(Montreal Australia New Zealand) and had'nt been back in UK waters for some years.We did a round trip across the pacific to the East coast of the US &Canada then back to Aus Via NZ.I payed off in Beauty point Tasmania (loading apples) and joined the Newcastle Star in Hobart to return to the UK.My first trip lasted about 14 months (short for you trampship men), I got a bonus for being away for over a yearit was 9.00

28th December 2005, 04:21
I sailed as senior cadet (my last trip as cadet) on the 'Rocky' from August 76 to May 77.
The first trip was from Avonmouth, Southampton (Union Castle charter) to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London and Durban. Then lightship to New Zealand, Whangerei for butter, calling at Pitcairn Island with passengers and cargo, then UK via Panama, then out from Liverpool to Falmouth to load ammunition then to Australia via Suez, calling at Geelong and Sydney. Then to NZ, Timaru for lamb then back via Panama to Oslo in Norway then UK.
This was my longest trip at 9 months and arguably one of the most enjoyable.
I have photos of the trip which I will try to post when I get home. At present I am working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

10th October 2006, 08:46
The other two cadets were Tim Cowley (South Africa) and Chris Farlowe (Gravesend), Tim was replaced in New York by REG (Reg) Davies (Canada). Where are you guys?
Just joined this GREAT site/forum. Going to add my BSL ships in a mo.

I sailed with Chris Farlowe on my first trip deep-sea on the Catalina Star - 1963. Think that was when he was transferred to the the Rockhampton. Other cadet was Nigel Clunie from Fiji.

Pete Mungall

2nd November 2006, 12:23
I was Extra Third Engineer on the Rocky.
Sailed from Liverpool November 1970, for South Africa, 4 ports, thence Singapore and supposedly Japan to Kiwi.
Well we got to Singapore, but could not get Chinese crew change due to proximity of Chinese New Year. Turned around, headed to Wyndam in West Aussie for meat. MFC ship took the cargo. Ordered to Melbourne. Now very low on fresh water. Went in to Darwin where we had a quick run ashore and topped up. (Take that how you will). Now on the way to Melbourne,
where we arrived 21st Jan after a great trip.
They were great days.

15th September 2010, 12:48
sailed on the rockhampton star June 1975 to November 1975 as 3rd eng best ship i ever sailed on last time on her in avonmouth for dry docking 1976

15th September 2010, 20:27
I watched her launch at Cammell Lairds in September 1957, very impressive. Glad to hear she was a happy ship after that.

southern cross
27th November 2011, 12:25
Yes that was a great trip , especially sending the engineer cadet an electricity bill cant believe he used to pay it!

1st January 2016, 22:55
Did my first trip as a Junior, Avonmouth general> Kiwi milk powder> Peru, Kiwi cheese > Philidelphia and Galvaston then paid off after 6. months. Great trip, but I was supposed to go on one of the J/Eng breakers Welly or Adelaide, but the Aussie Jnr went walk about , so I said I would go.
Shown the delights of Hamburg, fed the donkeys through the canal, took cards, took a couple of watches, crossed the line and came out covered in red lead, same with the 3rd who was father Neptune.
Excellent ship, HW B&W flying bedstead.
Plenty of partying in Kiwi (Hippy). Tide up bottom of Queen Street Auckland, how good was that.
There was a Deck Cadet Steve Harrison from Doncaster my opposite number, wondered what happened to him.
Next voyage the company got me for the Welly(see account in ER section Doxford). It made the Rocky appear to be a cruise ship in comparison.

27th November 2018, 20:01
In the early 1970's ......... the Rockhampton Star had discharged her refrigerated cargo, on the Gulf coast and then proceeded to Galveston. She was there at a lay berth...for several weeks.

I was a Deck Cadet, at Texas A&M Galveston......we lived aboard the Texas Clipper (former USS Queens / SS Excambion). We did visit the ship on several occasions.....and managed to entertain the officers, with some Texas Bar-B-Que and adult beverages.
I recall when she departed....she did fly a Texas flag, we had donated to her crew.......
Good days......!