Accra - Gallery lst Aug 2014

1st August 2014, 12:45
In todays gallery there are 3 photos headed Accra. The one of the beach appears ok but the other two are taken in other locations. The ship in one appears to be a 'new' S boat - Salaga etc. Have a look at them old coasters and comment and wake this forum up.
Thanks Bob Appleton

1st August 2014, 12:56
google ACCRA surf boats
or, e /d ships unloading off Accra

1st August 2014, 13:08
all at ACCRA

1st August 2014, 15:43
Oh no. The surf boats are at Accra, the other two definitely not. Even the titles of the pictures - Takoradi Harbour and Lagos Roads tell you that. In fact, I doubt the Takoradi Harbour label - I think they're both taken of ships at the buoys in Lagos.
I agree that's a 1940s 'S" boat, and I think the other picture has a John Holt's Guinea Gulf Line steamer but I'm not sure which.

5th August 2014, 20:46
Yes, a Holt line vessel, and the other is a fairly modern Woermann line ship - late 1950s, then? Not sure where. Doesn't look like Lagos or Takoradi.

Julian Calvin
6th August 2014, 17:24
Don't think any are Lagos. First two definitely not.
Last one could be Freetown.
Channel too wide and, even in sixties, Apapa wharf was built up so third is not Lagos