Cruise ships ITV series Royal Princess

david freeman
2nd August 2014, 10:20
I remain sceptical of this programme. The film is promotional about the Pursers domain (Old terniology)
The crew are alleged to be 1400 strong, as an old sea dog I wonder what the breakdown of depts is are in Numbers? and is everyone on articles signed on under the captain or is there a new regieme Out There?
Nautical Officers Total numbers with apprentices
Engineer Officers with apprentices Total numbers
Pursers department- cooks (BOT), chefs stewards cabin and messroom, cleaners etc- entertainers- shop keepers etc- information clerks?
Medical- Doctors nurses and auxilay workers.
Master at arms (Police?)
Deck crew sailors and dogs bodies CPO's
Engine crew Wipers and oilers Etc. CPO's

2nd August 2014, 11:33
Watched it yesterday, not particularly impressed. Apart from occasionaly having a shot of deck etc. to remind you it was a ship, it could have been set in Butlins or wherever.
Agree it is more a publicity series for Royal Princess

2nd August 2014, 11:34
The BBC 2 "The Cruise Ship"the sous chef is never out of his work gear including a sing song on stage,never seen any engineer in his work gear!

2nd August 2014, 15:07
Complete and utter crap.... 30 minutes of my life I won't get back again but more fool me for watching it in the first place...(Cloud)

2nd August 2014, 16:32
I think the prgramme is designed to put people off cruising. It certainly wouod put me off !

2nd August 2014, 16:44
Preferred the programme on East Yorkshire Bus Company!! Never realised all the times I have been to Scarborough that it was such a cut throat business on the North/ South Bay route.

Mad Landsman
2nd August 2014, 18:59
Watched episode 1 - Who at Princess allowed that to go out?
Watched episode 2 more in hope than expectation - hopeless!
Have not bothered to watch any more, apparently there is more.....

2nd August 2014, 20:47
I watched the last two episodes. Would have watched all four had I known they were on.

The two episodes I saw centred around the Hotel General Manager, his assistant, Food and Beverage Director, Head Chef, Cruise Director and a male entertainer walking around the deck in pink trousers!.

Although different job titles to my day, which would have been Pursers department as David states in #1, The series reminded me of my era, the below deck banter, and type of crew, especially the Europeans including the chef that was associated with my era.

It is a pity they did not show other departments including my own, the medical department, but I suppose there is only so much they can cram into 30 minutes in four episodes.

I don't think the programme will put people off cruising. Having said that, if they showed below deck life during my era, perhaps it would (EEK)

Mad Landsman
2nd August 2014, 22:30
If you really want to watch all the episodes I believe you can do so on ITV Player via the internet on your computer (or smart TV).


3rd August 2014, 08:13
If you really want to watch all the episodes I believe you can do so on ITV Player via the internet on your computer (or smart TV).


Thanks Malcolm

I saw enough to remind me that it is very similar to my era in many ways. My friend in Scotland who I was at sea with and worked in the Pursers department would have liked to have seen how things have changed or indeed not changed, but they did not show it in Scotland. He is not into computers, otherwise I would have given him your message. Thanks anyway.