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1st September 2006, 17:51
Hi update...After a short delay Im happy to announce my book OCEANS OF TIME is going to the printers on Monday 4 Sept. and the publisher advises will be ready approx the 21 Sept. Members living in the Wellington NZ area are invited to my book launch at...

Museum of Wellington City & Sea
Historic Boardroom
Queens Wharf

Wednesday 27 September 5.30pm

Refreshments provided as will the authors signature.

The 1st print of 750/1000 books can only be purchased through the publisher or at the book launch.(their profit I assume) If all goes well a 2nd print goes to the book shops. The publisher will post the book on their website with the write up when ready. No price has been put in concrete but NZ$30 is almost certain. My profile has a blurb on this 280 page&pic autobiography from the lower deck. For those who find it impossible to fly to NZ to attend my launch please note the following addresses should you be interested in purchasing at the latter part of September. I will keep you updated as events unfold.


Email [email protected]

Postal Steele Roberts Publishing Ltd
PO Box 9321
Wellington New Zealand

DaveyJones....Dave Share (Thumb)

John Rogers
2nd September 2006, 13:45
Nice work Davey,hope you get lots of sales.

5th September 2006, 22:38
Thank you John for your encouraging words.

The price of the book has been set at...

NZ$30.00 + PP for NZ & Pacific $3.50
for Aus $5.00
for rest of world $8.00

The book will be displayed when the publisher have a proof copy. All addresses on where to purchase are on my previous message.

Cheers Daveyjones

6th September 2006, 01:36
I am always on the look out for interesting books on shipping and have not noticed much in local bookshops lately.
Looking forward to seeing yours as no doubt it covers Pacific region, am only guessing of course as today is first I have heard of it.
I am relatively new on the site.
Have recorded publisher details for future use.
Good luck with the book and the launch.

6th September 2006, 19:01
Certainlly covers the South Pacific region since I spent 34yrs on the NZ coast after 14yrs sailing from KG5 London. I sailed on the old Union Steam Co vessels such as Kawerau, Koranui, Kurautai etc and of course the Cook Strait Ferries. Will keep you and the crowd updated. (Thumb)

Cheers Daveyjones

Tony Selman
6th September 2006, 19:59
Davey, is it likely to be distributed in the UK do you know, or shall we purchase from NZ and trust the mail system? Sounds like a good read.

7th September 2006, 17:59
Hi Tony... The first print of 1000 books can only be purchased through the publisher or at the launch. (The publishers costs & profit, I presume covering printing etc) He will see how sales go and suggests a 2nd print will go to the book shops. He also talks about taking the book to the annual Frankfurt Book Fair where publishers make deals with overseas publishers. I have given my publisher MainMast Book distributors in Warsash Southampton should he off load at the fair.
Im only a novice as far as the technics of publishing. When I suggested I hold my book launch at a city bookshop he looked horrified saying if I held it there they would take 40% of the retail price! Thus the launch at a freebie venue and first edition to the publisher. Steele Roberts sell books both internally and overseas and I have no reason to think your money or purchase will go astray.
Their website has instructions on purchasing.

Thanks for your interest Daveyjones (Thumb)

27th September 2006, 21:20
Attended book launch last evening & purchased a copy.Have not of course read it yet but flicking thru the pages on way home feel that once I start it will be hard to put down.Of all things opened it first at a page where author is referring to the Kent Arms,the Wicker Gate & Royal Oak,Bridge House etc., most ex seamen would be immediately interested. Kiwi

28th September 2006, 02:58
Hi Kiwi said it was a great launch to my book last night in a very historic setting in the Wellington Marime Museum. Thank you to all shipmates and friends who attended.

Now, may I direct members to the publishers site which now displays OCEANS OF TIME and how to purchase.

Hope you enjoy the book Kiwi!

Cheers Daveyjones

Phil Saul
29th September 2006, 07:13
Hi Davey,
Looking forward to getting a copy of your book.Couldn't make the launch in Wellington unfortunately but I will order a copy.
When you were on the coast did you come across a guy called Hank Cavendish who wrote Albatross Years about his life at sea, most of it as AB on the Kiwi coast.
Good luck with your first printing and looking forward to a good read.
Regards Phil

29th September 2006, 17:41
Hi Saul. I never knew Hank but have read his brilliant book Albatross.
I hope readers get as much enjoyment from my memoirs as I did from Hank's book.
My publisher informs me that because he has a lot of new book releases we all get a turn on his site front page. Mine was there thursday and disappeared the next day. So for those interested please go to click on 'book collections' and scroll down to "Oceans of Time" where there is a flyer for purchase.

My publisher is due in the UK next week to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair and taking my book along with others. I have given him the Mainmast Nautical book distributors in S'Hampton as the UK outlet. However that is of course if Mainmast agrees. He tells me it takes a couple of months for people to read before word gets round. I would like it in the shops in November for Christmas. Will keep the crowd informed.

Cheers Daveyjones

Ngaio 62
1st November 2006, 22:40
That passed right under my radar!
I will definitely get one from them. I worked with steeleroberts when they published Wreck of the Penguin, I did some local reserach for that book and spent a very interesting afternoon with the publisher seeing how the project was shaping up.

all the best


17th December 2006, 09:15
I'm one of those (in Wellington) who somehow missed your posting about the launch of your book. I'd have certainly gone along.

Perhaps I can just chip in with a brief mention of my self-published book, a rewritten history of Shell in New Zealand. Not a nautical book but plenty of shipping references, for example all the coastal tankers and various visiting ones, with a few good stories attached. My web page is at :

I hope your sales go well. It all sounds very well organised.


Paul J Burke
20th December 2006, 05:47
I have read "Oceans of Time" recently and can heartily recommend it to any Seafarer.its a great read, and takes us through an era that can never be repeated. i can never forget the funnels of all the various "home boats" in my younger days in Auckland and Wellington.the ships were a credit to the men that manned them. you certainly didnt see many "chatty" ones!!!

27th August 2010, 03:58
Hi Dave,
I picked up a copy of your book when I was in Wellington a couple of weeks ago. I found a signed copy in 'Arty Bees' book shop. I thoroughly enjoyed it especialy as I was in NZ, it gave it a greater impact. If I had ever been on a ship that docked in NZ I think I may have joined you.