Bob S
4th October 2004, 14:57
CYMRIC (53/11182) in the Royal docks in London.

david smith
4th October 2004, 15:41
The Cymric was the second in a class of "C" ships built in 1953 by Harland and Wolff, Belfast. 11,182 tg twin screw. In 1972 she was renamed Durango under Royal Mail management. Scrapped in 1975 at Kaohsiung.
Pictured leaving New Plymouth NZ

4th October 2004, 16:02
Yes she was sister of CEDRIC and similar to CARNATIC-CANOPIC-and CRETIC.
slighthly different superstructure (kingpost also abreast funnel).

12th October 2013, 03:30
Hi Bob S
It's another Bob S(Bob Shea) here. Any idea what year this photo was taken? Would be interested to know as my father Raymond Shea boarded the Cymric in New Zealand for London in the 60's. He was working for Shaw Saville and Albion and transferred to the London offices in the mid to late 60's.