Mass Glory

4th October 2004, 16:44
Another of my interest PANAMAX B/C ,this is MASS GLORY Panamanian flag
grt.36560 Japan build 1993 by Tsuneshy yard .Pictured at Genoa june 2003
S.Giorgio mooring ,disscharging coal. I hope I will not bore!!!

Bob S
6th October 2004, 17:58
No way, keep them coming.
I will have to get to Genoa one day.

6th October 2004, 19:08
I agree.That shot of Genoa reminds me of the English port of Grimsby which has a tower like the one shown in your picture.

david smith
6th October 2004, 19:59
Genoa like Grimsby?
Please don't consider work in the travel industry!

6th October 2004, 20:15
Only with reference to the tower!!!