Jersey Gleaner

martin johns
7th September 2006, 23:21
Hello all,
Many years ago a friend of my Father had an ex-RNLI lifeboat called Jersey Gleaner that he used as a diving charter boat. I'm not sure wether she was a Barnett or Watson class boat. I know that she was based in Padstow for a while after he sold her.
Can anyone tell me anything of her RNLI history & if possible where she is now.
Cheers, Martin.

8th September 2006, 12:30
hi martin
the info that i can find was that she was a 51ft Barnett,built in 1932 on num 754,and she was stationed at Barra island 32-57;relief57-69,her name then was LIoyds-Jersey gleaner,Causeway Gleaner;LIoyds,Wheelhouse added as yacht at chichester Yacht Basin ,Last known at Shoreham10/05


sandman (Thumb)

martin johns
8th September 2006, 23:08
Many thanks foir the information Sandman,
The boat really was kept in Yacht condition. All the wheelhouse was varnished & she had two 6LX Gardners that you could eat your dinner off.
Regards, Martin.

john shaw
9th September 2006, 00:50
If you follow the following link, there is a pic and details--she is a National Historic Ship

14th October 2006, 16:39
Dear Martin,
You probably have this information but I was the owner from 1985-1990
She was purchased from D.H.Pooley Plymouth and sold to Frank Madden in Northern Ireland.
She was a 51ft Barnet Class built 1931 official name and numbe 'The Lloyds'
number 754 stationed Aat Barra Island and afterwards used as reserve boat.
Hope this helps.

martin johns
30th October 2006, 22:19
Thanks Skipjack. Doug Pooley (sadly died several years ago) was my Father's friend that I referred to at the start of the thread.
I saw the Jersey Gleaner several times in Padstow inner harbour after Doug sold her. I take it you were her owner then.

20th January 2007, 17:58
Bit late, but have you seen here :


martin johns
20th January 2007, 22:31
Thanks for the link Lance. It's nice to see the boat is still being so well (and expensively ;) ) cared for.


paul grant
17th February 2007, 18:25
Hi Martin not sure how this works, but the vessel has had a com plete refurb and I have the six page article if you want it . Rgds

paul grant
17th February 2007, 19:01
originally called lloyd as lloyds bank sponsored the vessel, she was a Barnett 52 foot on service in Barra. Bought 2004 for £12000 in Ireland and brought to south coast, but too expensive. From there went to a cheaperstoreage shed and since another £12000 has been spent as stated I have the full article and photographs; Martin if you would like colour article. Pleased to help, will send to you gratis.

John W D Pinkerton
10th November 2007, 18:13
Dear Martin,

I bought the Jersey Gleaner from Frank Madden after my wife died in 1995. He had re-named her Caseway Gleaner. At that time my two sons were at home so I had a ready made crew. We had a couple of memorable trip to the west of Scotland in 1995 and 1996. My sons went off to university and I re-married and the opportunities for sailing became less and less. As a result she sat out on the quay at Coleraine for a number of years and her condition did not improve. I sold her a few years ago to a journalist called Chris who had her worked over back in Padstow. He then moved her to Poole Harbour where I beleve she still is. He re-named her Lloyds. If you Google "ex-RNLB Lloyds" you will find articles and photos of her.

Best wishes,

John Pinkerton

11th November 2007, 09:45
I have seen this post a few times, and never realised that she is a venerable 51' Barnett class lifeboat.

Have just tracked down plans for this class of boat, (to be exact the plans for the Mary Stanford, ex Ballycotton boat), and was wondering if anyone out ther has contacts for the present owner of the Mary Stanford, which was last lying afloat in Dublin's Grand Canal Basin.

Would also be interested in Pictures of Lloyds, how she is now and was.cheers,neil.

Have just looked back on the postings and it quite clearly states that she was a 51' barnett. must be loosing my marbles, or perhaps take reading lessons from my kids?

Quinton Nelson
17th November 2008, 21:31
She has now been stripped out and sold for a house boat at Shoreham
Engines for sale separately
A sad end to a historic boat half way through a super restoration.

21st November 2008, 19:45
Quinton, did the boat still have the large rope reel still intact on the engine casing, or do you have any pictures of such a any chance. cheers,neil.

Quinton Nelson
30th November 2008, 09:41
No I don't have any good pics and she had lost her winch years ago.
Peter Lucas in Dartmouth has one on his boat.
he doesn't do e-mail.
Andy Iannetta in Berkley also had one on Archibald and Alexander M Paterson which he sold and is now in Swansea.
Please contact me by PM for email address.

(Email address removed as per site policy - MS)