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9th August 2014, 18:03
I have joined this site to track the movements of two ancestral branches:

1) my Fair Isle descendents who left their home in Scotland in 1862 on the Olympia (Captain Tobias - schooner? steamer? Anchor line?), leaving from Glasgow and arriving at St John, New Brunswick, Canada in June. The families were split up and several members went to Chatham, New Brunswick via the Lady Head steamer, arriving July 18, 1862. Looking for photos/passenger lists/background of these ships;

2) how does a sailor from Denmark get lost at sea in 1902, get picked up in the ocean by ?, transported to Canada, travel from the far east coast to the far west coast, remain in BC for 10 years and then return to Denmark to pick up his wife and children after being presumed dead? Very interested in any records of the rescue of Captain Jorgen Henrik "Henry" Petersen, owner of the Cape Scott II, Cape Scott, British Columbia, Canada.

9th August 2014, 18:39
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jg grant
10th August 2014, 13:09
Hello from New Zealand and welcome . There is a fascinating story in there somewhere. I hope someone can help you.

10th August 2014, 13:35

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fred henderson
10th August 2014, 16:21
Anchor Line began transatlantic steamship operations from Glasgow to New York in 1856 and to Quebec and Montreal in 1859. For a few years from 1859 they were the only company providing transatlantic steamship services from Glasgow.

Although Anchor Line ships may have made rare, or unscheduled calls at St John earlier, regular services to New Brunswick were only begun in 1869.

Anchor Line also owned a ship named Olympia, but she was not built until 1872. Her maiden voyage left Glasgow in April 1872 for St John, via Liverpool and Halifax.

It would seem therefore that you can forget Anchor Line and any other steamship in your search. Transatlantic sailing packet operations were dominated by US companies.

Best of luck

10th August 2014, 17:05
Thank you Fred. I too had found reference to the Olympia of 1872 and was hoping that ship was Olympia II. The newspaper articles of the time make specific reference to the Olympia arriving at Saint John and the arrivals from Fair Isle posted a public thank you in the newspaper to Captain Tobias. The arrival of the destitutes from Scotland made quite a splash, with the community in Saint John coming together to provide them with food, clothing and money to set them up (always thought there was a movie to be made here - forced to leave their small island homeland because of poverty, etc.)
Another thought is the Olympia may have sailed from Montreal and the group made their way from Glasgow to Montreal on a different ship. Again, definite mention is made of Glasgow in the newspaper and government accounts.

10th August 2014, 18:59
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