Golden Age of Hollywood loses another one - merged threads

13th August 2014, 01:38
RIP Lauren Bacall. Dead at 89

13th August 2014, 05:26
Lauren Bacall has died, aged 89. A lovely actress, who just oozed sex appeal.

13th August 2014, 05:27
"If you want anything just whistle," that's what a few of us men remember. I guess we were for a few moments all Bogey - as Sham Shpade, or someone elshe, and that lady she was really shpecial, but could any of us really whistle with such a stiff upper lip? .

Sister Eleff
13th August 2014, 05:31
Apparently she placed a whistle in Bogey's coffin when he died in 1957.

13th August 2014, 05:35
The late, lovely Lauren Bacall...

13th August 2014, 05:47
She really suited Bogart, maybe because she looked and acted a bit like a younger and feminine example of him (or rather the roles he played) And I find it remarkable that she later married Jason Robards, who could probably have played Bogart better than anyone else in Hollywood. (As note his work in “The Ballad of Cable Hogue” for example.) There was always in all three of them a slight distance to the play-acting demonstrated, always a hint of a smile at the Hollywood silliness. Or at least I thought so.

nick olass
13th August 2014, 09:03
Lovely to look at........a sharp and funny wit......and she was believable in the roles she played......Lauren may be gone from this world, but she will remain in my thoughts until the old grey cells pack in.

13th August 2014, 19:21
R.I.P Lauren Bacall. CLASS, No doubt about it.

14th August 2014, 00:18
good day patriciaaAnnt,lazy age of hollywood loses another one.lauren was great.may she rest in peace.thank you for a great link.regards ben27

15th August 2014, 09:39
Sister Eliff, I like to think that is so. She was one beautiful feminine sexy lady. I hope she & Bogey get together up there in that big open air cinema.

China hand
15th August 2014, 18:50
The Look. Now that really was something. Even after so many years it's a "gulp" moment.