James Alexender Gordon Dead

19th August 2014, 07:41
James Alexender Gorden Died.
Probably not know to many outside the UK, but to most within it I suspect.
For forty years he read out the football results on the BBC radio. Millions listened to him as they ticked off the results on their football pools coupons.
RIP James

19th August 2014, 08:23
James Alexander Gordon was great to listen because you guessed the result before he gave it due to the tone of his voice higher for a win, lower if the team lost and the same tone for a draw. He set the standards for those who followed him. RIP James.

19th August 2014, 08:29
YES REMEMBER HIM WELL never won through

barry john macauley
19th August 2014, 09:05
For a long time we believed the name of our club was Portsmouth Nil.
barry mac

Chris Isaac
19th August 2014, 09:28
He will be missed, specially by the people of COVENTRY. Never knew why he pronounced it CUVENTRY.

20th August 2014, 01:23
james alexender gordon dead.may he rest in peace.regards ben27

20th August 2014, 06:54
I was just wondering.
I wonder if over those forty years he ever read two identical score sheets?
He would have read roughly 2080 score sheets in that time, so I guess the chances are pretty slim.

john richards
20th August 2014, 07:51
I remember years ago JAG was interviewed, he said the hardest result he could had read was East Fife 4 Forfar 5. Distinctive voice, the Gentleman from The R&A who introduces the players @ The Open Golf starts low finishes High , Lovely Voice. John Richards.

22nd August 2014, 10:09
I've put this "memory" on before but thought it a little apt.

I don't know who used to read the football results on the MN Programme but I think, in all probability, it was James Alexander Gordon.

The "Leccy", (Jimmy Robertson), on our ship (Brocks "Maskeliya") was a mad-keen Evertonian whilst the Second Steward, (Pete Evans), was a Liverpool supporter.

(The ship had a communal aerial system and, should you "cross" the wave-band other people were using, there would beb a "howl" and total obscuring of whatever was being listened to).

I knew there was a "Derby" coming up and hatched, (to me!), a hilarious plan.

Came the announcements and I was poised with my hand on the tuning knob of my radio-------.

Liverpool 2, Everton-----"Screech, Howl, Screech", I distinctly heard from Jims radio next door!

The screams from Jim were almost human in their grief!!!!

I was all ready to confess "it was me", to Jim, when he came into my cabin to say how disappointed he was at missing the vital result----thinking he would find my little trick highly amusing.

THEN I saw his face!!!!

I realised in a split second that to confess, "It was me!", would probably result in my instant death!!!!

"It was that "effing" Second Steward! I'll kill him!", said the furious Jim, "I'm going to see him!!!".

Just then "Pete" came roaring down the alley-way!

"Was that YOU?" he screamed at Jim.

Then they realised it HAD to be someone else!!! Which led to a "truce" between the two implacably fanatic, (for THEIR team), blokes.

This led to them deciding to find-out who had "ruined" their day.

First they went to "Pete's" cabin to draw-up a plan of action!

Naturally this led to the consumption of severalteen cans of "Tennents".

By the time the plan-of-action had been decided on the BBC World News had come on, the "Derby" result was known and all ended (semi), peacefully.

Me? Confess? Ha!!! Salaams, Phil(Hippy)

These usual, (every Saturday), "at war" football fanatics