More where are they now?

19th September 2006, 21:52
I read with interest about where are they now? here are another few I sailed on that are probably razor blades......

Permina Samundra
Nordic Lousy ( Lousiana)
Sig Ragne - on Charter to CUFLET - Cuban Fleets(Hippy)

1st October 2006, 11:50
For the sake of making a first post and saying Hello.

I saw recently that Asia Liner survived through a second re-enginning until scrapping in India 2001.

(Hope this posts OK - never any good with electrical gadgets).

David V

Diesel Dan
17th May 2014, 21:59
Especially car radio installations

18th May 2014, 09:50
Especially car radio installations

My black museum has the little piece of 'earth' wire that connected the dashboard lighting of Joan Underwood's car to 'earth' via the radio. It's good to remind oneself of the mistakes too, however RARE (my last, an unnecessary rotor rewind, won't fit in the cabinet, anyway Navigator wanted it back).

The smoking insulation is what made TDU bail out in the car park (151 West George street then) and then drive home with no lights. Did you know the office had a cabin boy for a week?

Being a non driver I had only tested the radio with the ignition switched off. I had, by the by, asked Watson Young (I/C Co. cars)to check if said wire was for 'earth' or not so not ENTIRELY my fault.

Tommy Roach commiserated (decent, really, seeing I had just won a Chinese meal off him over a bet about the QE2 on which he had worked in the build): Never touch electricity when it is not on ships - it's not the same stuff - especially in cars.

Diesel Dan
19th May 2014, 18:50
David, one of the best examples of your handiwork was the spare engine room alarm siren in the Brown Boveri spares box rigged up in Jack macEwan's cabin. I thought I would never stop laughing.

19th May 2014, 23:10
Under the day bed in his sleeping cabin rigged so that it would go off only after an interruption to the supply.

Killed the power from the DB and re-instated it. Jack thought there had been a blackout and raced to the bridge before being seen kicking the space heater as the possible source of the very loud screaming.

I don't think he did another slaught after that. Not on that trip anyway. He was fun too but I only sailed with him that once.

Ian Brown
24th May 2014, 10:06
I had the pleasure of sailing with Jack McEwan on ST Bangkok. I recall some of his stories from his time driving hydraulic cranes on Clyde.
FYI I have just posted some pics of Bangkok with Jack.
I may be wrong but I think Jack was relieved by C/O Hugh Davies off Muscat.

Diesel Dan
26th May 2014, 20:11
I still keep in touch with Hamish Muirhead from Norvegia Team days. I also met Keith MacKechnie last year. Hamish.

27th May 2014, 11:54
Hamish, It's really great to hear you again. I thought your horns would be even more easily detected by now. The last I heard of you was Fat Alasdair telling me you were a factory engineer somewhere.

As you were the only Hamish I sailed with on the Norvegia Hamish Muirhead I only remember as a name (sorry if that is demeaning but if I left the office for a week I would forget most of my colleague' names so after 35 years it's lucky I remember the ship - no that's stupid how could anyone forget a Gotaverken, anyway I have the huge office photo' of Suecia on my wall from when it was thrown out, I don't think I ever even saw her although I cannot see any differences). You'll also have to remind me of Keith.

Denholm's Seateam high He'd'on's meet for a dinner or lunch from time to time.

Diesel Dan
31st May 2014, 22:10
Hamish Muirhead was on Norvegia Team (3/E) with us. Remember the smokos in the duty mess. Two Davids, two Keiths, and two Hamishs. Do you still hear from Alastair?

1st June 2014, 09:53
Dear me. I wonder if that was the alcohol then or that since.

Alasdair 'phones me occasionally when there has been bad news but the last time was the Boss's PA Alison MacPherson died - several years ago now.

16th October 2017, 18:50
You're probably right. The Lousy must be razor blades by now. I sailed on the Lousy as 2nd Mate with Capt Bobby Kinder. The last time I saw him, he was a surveyor in the US. Anyone remember anyone else from the Nordic Louisiana?

17th October 2017, 02:11
For the sake of making a first post and saying Hello.

I saw recently that Asia Liner survived through a second re-enginning until scrapping in India 2001.

(Hope this posts OK - never any good with electrical gadgets).

David V

I sailed on it as Ville de Titania belonging to CMA France.
Gas turbines out - two Werkspoor medium speeds in.