The ship "Nestor"

27th August 2014, 18:20
Trying to find out more about the passenger ship "Nestor" the departure date was 8 Sep 1942 from Liverpool, England destination Port, Cape Town, South Africa. Shipping line Blue Funnel Line.
There was a passenger Archibald Taylor age 41 on board and I am trying to find out if it was my Grand father.
But looking on the internet I came across the ship Nestor, which had been bombed around the same time. Are these two ships the same one? If so then I will know that the man on board could not of been my grandfather, for he did in his 70's.

Hugh Ferguson
27th August 2014, 19:24
There is no record of the Blue Funnel Nestor being bombed. She survived the war so I think it fair to assume that the Nestor which was bombed was not a British ship.
(Incidentally, the Blue Funnel, Nestor was Lord Nuffield's favourite ship for voyaging to Australia.)

27th August 2014, 19:47
Hi Primrose,

Acknowledgements to "The Red Duster" for this potted history:

NESTOR (3) was built in 1913 by Workman Clark & Co. at Belfast with a tonnage of 14501grt, a length of 563ft 2in, a beam of 68ft 4in and a service speed of 13.5 knots. Costing 248,250 and designed by Henry B Wortley she was launched on 7th December 1912 and commenced her maiden voyage for the Ocean Steam Ship Co. on 19th May 1913. With a general cargo she sailed from Liverpool to Brisbane with calls at Cape Town, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. She arrived back on 19th September after a round trip which lasted four months. In 1949 the same voyage took 5 months 20 days due to inferior coal and labour disputes mainly in Australia. From September 1915 until 1918 she operated as an Australian Expedition Force Transport ferrying troops and resumed commercial service on 22nd April 1920. In 1936 she managed to get a tow line aboard the Australian United's Mungana, which was drifting towards the rocks off Cape Jaffa, with her last rocket. She them towed the disabled ship 170 miles to Adelaide. Her passenger accommodation was reduced from 350 to 250 in 1940 and in the same year she was requisitioned for government service. She continued to operate on the Liverpool - Brisbane route and on the first sailings carried children who being evacuated to Australia. She commenced her final voyage to Australia on 23rd December 1949 and on 8th August 1950 arrived at Faslane where she was broken up by Metal Industries Ltd. During her career she competed 68 round voyages, steamed 2,111,607 miles and was commanded by T. Bartlett, R. D. (Daddy) Owen, G. K. Houghton, W. Christie, F. Adcock, J. J. Power, J. H. Blythe and E. W. Powell.

This may be the vessel.


Hugh MacLean
27th August 2014, 19:48
I agree with Hugh F.
NESTOR official number 135456 survived the war although she did have her moments whilst travelling in convoy.

Archibald Taylor aged 41 was described as a Fitter and his address was given as 4 Stow Street Paisley.

Perhaps you are thinking of HMAS NESTOR ship loss July 1942.


27th August 2014, 21:30
Yes I think that was it! the HMAS Nestor that was lost. I mixed the two up, thanks Hugh. And thanks Dave for that info.