Grange Branch

10th September 2014, 10:42
I am new to Ships Nostalgia. I research the history of UK and other merchant ships from about 1900 to the 1950s or 60s. I am currently trying to identify ships in photographs that the State Library of Queensland has donated to Wikimedia Commons.

Please help me to identify the "turret steamship" Grange Branch, which is shown in a photograph taken in Townsville, Queensland in about 1901. I have found brief mentions of her online dated 1902, 1908 and 1914. She seems not to be in the 1899 or 1930 editions of Lloyd's List published online. I have yet to identify her builder, owner(s), when she was built and when or how her career ended.

The 1902 and 1908 sources are newspapers that say she is a turret-deck ship. The photo also shows this, which means she was likely to have been built by William Doxford & Sons in Sunderland. However, The Sunderland Site does not list her.

In the photo, her funnel seems to be black with four plain white hoops. The only company I can find with this marking is Nisshin Kisen of Tokyo. This seems unlikely with a ship that (a) has a name doesn't end in "Maru" and (b) is shown taking a cargo of meat from Quessnsland to South Africa.

All well-informed replies are welcome! Grange_Branch_at_Townsville_docks.jpg

12th September 2014, 01:53
Correct name is ORANGE BRANCH.
History in thread on Turret Ships

12th September 2014, 07:45
Try this for history(Thumb)

2nd October 2014, 08:49
Thankyou both for your information. I've duly amended and categorised Orange Branch's photo on Wikimedia Commons.

7th November 2017, 14:35
Correct name is ORANGE BRANCH.
History in thread on Turret Ships

My grandmother's brother served as a Fireman aboard a ship of that name. I've photographed a Crew Agreement from July 3rd, 1916 where he lists her as his previous vessel. Though the O looks very much like a G, I too thought it was Grange Branch. Anyone know where the Orange Branch was in the spring of 1916?