H.M.S. Collingwood - Hughes, Bolckow & Co.

10th September 2014, 12:54
I'm new to this site and I'm not certain where to post this question. I have a 3 person wooden bench with a brass plaque attached to one end that reads; "Made from timer taken from H.M.S. Collingwood, Broken up by Hughes, Bolckow & Co., Ltd., Battleship Wharf, Blyth, Northumberland." I appreciate any information.

10th September 2014, 15:55
Have a look at this thread :


for a comprehensive discussion on the Breakers Yard in My home town

10th September 2014, 19:08
bullet 12,
HMS Collingwood was an iron clad turret battleship, built at Pembroke dockyard in 1882 with a displacement of 9,150 tons. She mounted 4-12 inch guns and a host of smaller armament. Commissioned in 1889 she spent some years in the Mediterranean before becoming a coastguard ship at Barry. Bought by Hughes Bolkows in 1909 she was their first warship to be broken up on the River Tyne arriving in June 1909.Her draught was too great to reach the breakers yard up river so she was largely broken up mid river.It was almost a year before she was moved alongside the wharf
Hughes Bolkows subsequently moved a few miles North to Blyth in 1912 where they built up a reputation of making fine furniture from wood taken from ships