Andalucia Star

Brian Dobbie
3rd October 2006, 21:28
Seen here in 2005 at Santos as she loaded orange juice for the far east.
At this stage in her life she was 30years old. The time I saw her before this was when we laid her up in Jebel Ali after discharging a full cargo of lamb, ex Auckland-Timaru, in Bandar Abbas.
August-September in the Gulf-wonderful weather!!!


Pat McCardle
3rd October 2006, 21:43
I paid a visit to this vessel in Bluff in '78 after my oilskins had been 'borrowed' from Somerset. I retrieved said skins & retired back to Somerset all the worse for wear after a couple of hours in the worst bar ever seen on a ship on the Kiwi coast. Happy days. Must have been some conversion to a fruit juice tanker?

Tom Haywood
5th October 2006, 00:12
More than likley loaded in 40 gallon drums Pat or specially installed deep tanks. Bulk frozen (slurry) orange juice not the easiest liquid cargo to carry.

5th October 2006, 05:15
Some previous discussion on her here, including some details of her conversion. (Thumb)