Empire Caribou

11th September 2014, 10:17
I am the son of Capt. Bernard Duffield who was the master of the Empire Caribou which was sunk in 1942 in the Atlantic on the way from the USA to England carrying a cargo of chalk.
{The UBoat was U556 Herbert Wohlfarth} There were 11 survivors but not my father. If by any chance there are relatives of these survivors I would like to hear from them as I am doing a family tree and do not know much about my Dad as I was only 6 when he died
Thanks in anticipation !!

Keith Bernard Duffield

11th September 2014, 11:27

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11th September 2014, 11:31
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Hugh MacLean
11th September 2014, 12:24
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Bernard Edwin Duffield born 8/1/1897 Wales. There is a medal file that can be downloaded for £3.30, if you don't already have it, it is held in file
BT 395/1/26807 (http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D4293823)

He has a CR 10 (1918-1921) that you can also get from the FMP site it shows a photo of him. http://search.findmypast.co.uk/search/world-records/merchant-navy-seamen?firstname=bernard%20&firstname_variants=true&lastname=duffield


Roger Griffiths
11th September 2014, 18:49
I have attached a Survivors Report for EMPIRE CARIBOU. Taken from the piece ADM199/2137 at the National Archive. Just in case you do not have it.
The Last logbook and Crew Agreement of EMPIRE CARIBOU official number 167431 is available from here.


Together with her registration documents.


Her downloadable movement card


11th September 2014, 22:51
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12th September 2014, 00:30
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12th September 2014, 00:51

EMPIRE CARIBOU (Captain B.E. Duffield). Bound for Boston, Massachusetts, sailed in Convoy OB.318 which left Liverpool on 2 May, 1941. Torpedoed and sunk by U.556 (Kptlt. Herbert Wohlfarth) at 7.52am on the 10th, in position 59º28´N 35º44´W, shortly after dispersal of the Convoy. Thirty-four died. Eleven picked up by the destroyer HMS Malcolm (Cdr. C.D. Howard-Johnston), and landed at Reykjavik. For details of other ships sunk before and after the dispersal of Convoy OB.318, see under Ixion, ALFRED HOLT & CO.

IXION (Captain W.F. Dark). Bound for New York from Glasgow and in Convoy OB.318 which sailed from Liverpool on 2 May, 1941. Torpedoed by U.94 (Kptlt. Herbert Kuppisch) at 9.15pm in position 61º29´N 22º40´W on the 7th and abandoned, but did not sink until early the following morning. No lives lost. Eight-six picked up by the Nailsea Manor and landed at Sydney, Cape Breton. Nineteen picked up by the corvette HMS Marigold (Lt. W.S. Macdonald) and landed at Greenock.

Other ships lost in Convoy OB.318
7 May. Eastern Star (Nor.) (Captain Olav Østervold). Sunk by U.94. All 40 picked up by anti-submarine trawler Daneman (Lt. A.H. Ballard, RNR) and landed in Reykjavik on the 12th.
9 May.
Bengore Head (Captain W.J. McCabe). Sunk by U.110 (Kptlt. Fritz-Julius Lemp). One died. Sixteen picked up by the Borgfred (Nor.) and landed at Sydney, Cape Breton, on the 18th. Twenty-four picked up by the corvette HMS Aubretia (LtCdr. V.F. Smith) and landed at Reykjavik.
Esmond. See under DONALDSON LINE.
Gregalia. See under DONALDSON LINE.
Empire Cloud. Badly damaged by U.201 (Kptlt. Adalbert Schnee).
Aelybryn. Damaged by U.556 (Kptlt. Herbert Wohlfarth) on the 10th.
U.110. Captured after being depth charged by the escort and an enigma machine and code books taken before she was allowed to sink. Fifteen, including Lemp, died and 32 survived.

Sunk after the Convoy dispersed in position 60º12´N 34º30´W
10 May. Empire Caribou. See under REARDON SMITH LINE.
Gand (Belg.) (Captain Michel Hostens). Sunk by U.556. One died. Forty-three rescued.
23 May. Berhala (Du.) (Captain L.J. Tymons). Sunk by U.38 (Kptlt. Heinrich Liebe). Three died. Fifty-nine picked up by a British warship and landed at Freetown.
24 May. Vulcain (Captain J.R. Lewis). Sunk by U.38. Seven died. Thirty-four reached Boffa, Guinea, by lifeboat and interned by the Vichy French.
27 May. Colonial. See under HARRISON LINE.

12th September 2014, 17:01
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14th November 2014, 17:23
Hello Keith
Re Empire Caribou At the moment I am in Cornwall till the of the Month, I do have a bit of info regards the “Empire Caribou” which I have collected over a period and in particular appertaining to Chief Officer Milton Hanson, as he was a relation through Mothers side of the family, I will sort out what I have, there is a photograph of the ship before it was renamed, (Defacto) which you may be interested in having a copy

Regards Ray

6th December 2014, 12:51
Hello keith
I have returned from Cornwall ,
I will if you still require info on the Empire Caribou i'll send what I have not sure if I can attach to this email os let me have your email address.

Regards Ray

6th December 2014, 15:40
Hello keith
I have returned from Cornwall ,
I will if you still require info on the Empire Caribou i'll send what I have not sure if I can attach to this email os let me have your email address.

Regards Ray


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