Arcadia !

4th October 2006, 20:30
Just joined this great site !

Going down the nostalgia road as we grow older .........

Thought you might like the attached photo taken at Southampton
during the Seamans Strike in 1966 !

Arcadia and Canberra tied up together as the docks ran out of room as
the ships returned home from there line voyages.

Served with P & O from 1965 to 1970 first with Orcades then Arcadia
favourite and finally Orsova ....

If anyone remembers me please get in touch

Dick the Cinema Operator

4th October 2006, 20:33
Oops forgot the Pic

Not that good with computers

Dick the Cinema Operator

Michael Broughton
6th October 2006, 16:18
Dick the Cinema Operator,

We must have met at the very least. I was 2nd RO 1963 to October 66, including the period of the seamen's strike

Best regards

Mike Broughton

28th May 2007, 16:35
I was Electrical Officer (Assistant and 2nd) on Arcadia during 1966-68. I also did cinema projection and was stuck on board Arcadia during the 1966 strike.
I agree that Arcadia was a very happy ship and returning to her from Iberia was a real treat. Iberia was a real hardwork ship and most engineers were fed up with her!! I served on Iberia as 2nd Elec. during 1967.

28th May 2007, 17:16
Greetings Dick and a warm welcome to SN. I sailed on Iberia on maiden voyage as an engineer and stood by her in H&W during building. We even had mechanical problems before we set sail on 1st voyage, plus one or two on voyage. Bon voyage.

19th March 2008, 20:16
I cannot identify you without your name!

6th April 2008, 17:39
I sailed aboard Arcadia in 1958 when she went on a New Zealand Cruise. There were quite a few P&O Managing Agency staff aboard from Melbourne (myself included), Sydney and Brisbane ( Macdonald, Hamilton & Co), with a few more being picked up in Auckland. At the time Arcadia was the biggest ship to sail into Queen Charlotte Sound, and we were featured in all the Wellington and Picton newspapers.

She was a great ship, and a very happy one.


26th July 2010, 20:25
I cannot identify you without your name!

Hi really sorry for that .......missed your request !!

Do not come here often enough

Richard the name !

17th December 2012, 21:47
Hi new to the site,just seen the picture of the Arcadia and Canberra tied up alongside each other.That picture brings back a lot of happy memories,the Canberra was my first ship out Gravesend nsts in 1969 and the Arcadia was my last trip in 1976.Thanks to tricky2lu for that.

19th December 2012, 13:47
On behalf of the 'SN Moderating Team', welcome aboard Eddie.

Were you aboard Arcadia before 1976?. I left her in 1975 joining her in 1973 firstly cruising from the west coast of USA, then when she took over from Himalaya based in Sydney from October 1974, where as you know, she not only cruised to the Pacific Islands, but also the Australian Woman's Weekly world cruise, her first early in 1975.