forrest ships

5th October 2006, 15:01
does any one know if vancouver island was part of the forrest ships managed by denholms and if so when?

Tom S
5th October 2006, 15:12
Vancouver Island was not a member of the Forrest Group of ships she was owned by the Lithgow family and managed by Denholms. She was the vessel that was finished off by the Strikers during the UCS work in. She was a fine ship one of the happiest I ever sailed on

8th October 2006, 08:45
thanks for answering that, i was sure it was a denholms but could not place it, its still going according to it looks just like the forrest boats .do you know what route or charter it was on by chance?

Tom S
8th October 2006, 09:09
It wasnt on a regular service when I sailed on her just Worldwide Tramping