Mikhail Lermontov

david smith
15th October 2004, 15:41
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15th October 2004, 16:40
MIKHAIL LERMONTOV had been on a S.Pacific cruise from Sydney on the itinerary N.Zealand and various pacific island .the wreck of the vessel is subsequetly located lying in 100 Ft of water with a large tear along one side.
The principal blame for the loss where ,incredibly, a total of 738 passengers and crew were rescued,was placed,squarely on the New Zealand pilot and
harbour- master ,Don Jamison,who resigned his pilot s licence following a New Zealand court s verdict. However a Leningrad ciyy court subdsequently convicted the senior soviet naviagation officer on board Sergei Stepanishev
of negligence ,giving him a suspended four year prisons and also imposed a heavy fine.
Amazingly in 16 -2 1986 after stricking a rock off cape Jackson there was only one life lost, that of one of the 330 Russian crew mans,who was believed
to have been trapped in the engine room.None of 400 or so mainly Australian passengers was serjously injured nor were any of the Autralian cruise guides.
The year 1986 was a bad one for soviet cruise liners.( Remember ADMIRAL NAKIMOV august 1986)

Doug Rogers
15th October 2004, 23:25
The ill fated Mikhail Lermontov pictured at Bridgetown, Barbados.
Built in 1972, 20,027tg she foundered in Marlborough Sound, New Zealand in February 1986.
A good site to get on board photos and the full history of this ship at www.nzmaritime.co.nz/lermontov.htm

If anyone is interested there is also a book "Death of a Cruise Ship" by Tom O'Connor Cape Catley 1999.

Bob S
16th October 2004, 15:49
She and her sisters were regulars at Tilbury on the River Thames, I'll dig out some photo's.

Doug Rogers
17th October 2004, 03:14
She and her sisters were regulars at Tilbury on the River Thames, I'll dig out some photo's.

That would be good to see some photos - they were nice looking ships for their day