RFA Orangeleaf

20th September 2014, 13:24
Dear Sirs,

I was visiting Birkenhead Docks today and noticed that Orangeleaf has moved from the Drydocks at Birkenhead after a refit and is now
berthed in West Float, Birkenhead on a Lay-Bye berth.
Can anybody confirm what is happening to her??
Is she waiting to move to Bidston for further repairs or is it the intention to put her on the sale list??

Best regards

20th September 2014, 13:56
Hi Keith
She's in the west float at the moment but don't think she's up for sale

Compass Rose
20th September 2014, 15:13
Orangeleaf has now gone into lay up for a period of twelve months, and opposite is the Rosalie, also on lay up for a further twelve months. A sign of the times.

20th September 2014, 15:22
Thanks Peter and Compass Rose for your quick replys.
Terrible to see such fine vessels inactive for so long.

Best Regards

20th September 2014, 21:05
I remember the RFA Orangeleaf refitting in Falmouth many years ago, I fitted two Decca radars on her an Arpa and a 16" true motion.

Pat Kennedy
20th September 2014, 21:11
We are told its' shortage of crews that is preventing Fort Rosalie and Orange Leaf from leaving Birkenhead after their respective refits.

Steve Oatey
20th September 2014, 21:20
Daily Telegraph says it's a shortage of Engineers.

21st September 2014, 02:54
Hansard says............Nick Harvey MP, The Minister of State, Ministry of Defence, UK
Our present planning assumptions are that those ships that will be withdrawn from service are as follows:

RFA Orangeleaf-2015, RFA Gold Rover-2016, RFA Black Rover-2017, RFA Fort Austin-2021, RFA Fort Rosalie-2022.

The journey to Aliaga may well be sooner than previously expected !

21st September 2014, 10:23
A lot more money to be made working offshore for Engineers, depending on the Company 6 weeks on 6 weeks off and flown home from anywhere in the World all taken care of by the Company.

21st September 2014, 12:00
Chance for me yet !!

21st October 2015, 12:17
I see on another shipping forum The Orangeleaf has been de stored and sold for scrap. Anyone with any further info?

Union Jack
21st October 2015, 13:05
Anyone with any further info? - Degzie

You may wish to have a look at http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/news/2015/september/29/150929-orangeleaf-retires-from-rfa-service


22nd October 2015, 12:11
Thanks Jack makes interesting reading.

22nd October 2015, 13:50
Just wondering why they are not hanging on to her till the new builds are in Service, appreciate she is single hulled but in an emergency regulations are sometimes set aside.

24th February 2016, 14:16
Just to confirm Orangeleaf has sailed from Birkenhead at abt 12 Noon today in tow of tug Diavlos Pride bound for Aliaga to be broken up.
ETA 1000/ 14th March 2016.
There was a slight delay leaving Alfred Lock, Birkenhead by about 2 hours.


24th February 2016, 14:33
Typical MOD to spend a fortune on something and then sell it shortly afterwards!!

25th February 2016, 20:32
Agree with you Chadburn.
It's only taxpayers money, if the MOD had to pay for it themselves it would
have been a different matter.
After an expensive refit it's a total waste.
She was only a single hull tanker and she is lucky to have lasted so long.
I know the MOD were given an extension on their vessels unlike the merchant
Navy vessels.
The regulations are very strict on this type of tanker.


27th February 2016, 10:57
Their are photos of her leaving Birkenhead docks at below link