RFA GOLD ROVER in the news

25th September 2014, 15:57

King Ratt
25th September 2014, 17:25
I spent a happy 4 months in Gold in 1984. She was then running for FOST. I wish you, Shaun, and your ship's company all the best for your forthcoming deployment.
She looks pretty good for a 40 years old lady.

Steve Oatey
26th September 2014, 03:05
I echo Rab's good wishes, Shaun. Have a good trip, and safe home everyone.

26th September 2014, 08:56
Good luck Sean. May your pumps keep pumping. Aways sad doing a Finale. I was in RFA's Olna and Olwen for Their last trips.

Just noticed your coming into Portland Port (Sept 26th 0845).

30th September 2014, 12:03
'll always warm welcome in NZ, should she choose. A great ship, a great class.

Mick Spear
30th September 2014, 12:28
Hope the deployemnt goes well for all on board Shaun. I have had quite a few trips on Rover boats down South. Miss the sea trout fishing in the Falklands and those trips to South Georgia.
Mick S