18th October 2004, 15:47
LAMONE was built in 1963 Frg (Nobiskrug)gt 3000 as HANS OLDENDORFF with
3 sisters CHRISTINE O.- ERNA O.- and JOBST O. one sister become the italian
MONTONE. Now there is still in service only the LADY HIBA regist. Moroni
Comores Isl. ex ERNA OLDENDORFF.

14th June 2005, 14:04
Hi Tanker,

Did "Jobst Oldendorff" become "Montone"?

"Jobst" was my first ship with Oldendorff (about 1972) - spent about 6 weeks in Archangelsk loading sawn timber. Each piece was fitted in like a jigsaw puzzle and the cargo came half way up the bridge windows. We were about the last ship out before the White Sea froze.

We hit a storm immediately after leaving the White Sea and the cargo shifted, giving us a hair raising list all the way back to Bremen. I remember seeing Russian timber ships arriving in the Tees in that condition and assumed it was just one of those things. It's a bit different being aboard in a never ending force 10. The engine room fire was a laugh too!

Anyway, we made it to the Weser and were followed by a police launch all the way to Vegesack. We entered the locks and berthed with the port side leaning up against the wharf. The dockers started unlashing the deck cargo and it instantly broke through the pit props which were retaining it. The timber went all over the dockside, miraculously not killing anyone. Lightened on the port side, old Jobst immediately heeled over to starboard. She must have come close to total capsize, I was in my cabin and ended up with my face against the porthole looking staight down at the water. Fortunately for us, the pit props on the starboard side broke, the timber poured into the dock and she righted herself.

I bet the dockers on top of the cargo have a giggle about that day even now! I know Dortmunder Union Brauerei made a killing out of me that night.

We got a pretty good write up in the local rag the next day, the ship was fined for being overloaded and the company spent a fortune on a floating crane to pick the wood out of the dock. Happy days....

John T.