African Reefer 1935

24th October 2006, 16:19
Sorry but post her here, as the gallery doesn't work by uploading a vessel.
As promised, I will post other scanned piccies, bought on a auction lately, where known the photographers, I will credit them of course, but lots are not known,also because of their age, the collection contains photos from 1925-1958.Some are really historic values, and for that I like to share them, starting in alphabetic order, so with an A.
Hope you will like them, most of them are British vessels, but start with a Danish vessel.
1,862 tons
318' x 42'
14 knots Motorship Single Screw
Built at Eltinore,launched as PACIFIC REEFER but delivered as YRSA.
Fruitcarrier 127,000 cu.ft. refrigerated space.
Four passengers.
In 1936 renamed AFRICAN REEFER.
One of new series of refrigerated ships, she was the first Lauritzen vessel to have "REEFER"[refrigerated ship] as part of her name.
She and her sisters sailed world-wide, carrying apples,pears and oranges from South America to Northern Europe,bananas from West Africa, apples and pears from the West Coast of North America.
In 1941 became ROAMER[U.S.MARITIME COMMISSION] as military supply ship.
In 1946 returned to Lauritzen as AFRICAN REEFER
In 1963 scrapped.
BRAZILIAN REEFER 1936-1971[1941 RIO MENDOZA-Argentina]

Note: Will try later to upload the others at the Gallery, so here just an example:

25th October 2006, 05:01
Tried it over and over again,yesterday and today but sorry mates, can't post this piccie in the gallery.
Note:Well finally it succeed to upload this one in the gallery, after innumerable attempts.

25th October 2006, 05:11
never mind Rudd,nice shot of a good looking ship/ dom

26th October 2006, 01:58
Great pic Ruud.
Great shot of a neat little cargo liner.
Your original must have been very shrap.
Keep up the good work!
David D.

26th October 2006, 06:32
Thanks mates, for the compliments, of these indeed great and good shots.
To DOM:Seems the system for uploadphoto works again, will post in the next days more of these.
To David: Yeah the piccies are really from a outstanding quality, and made by some of the best marine photographers, where unknown, I think they were made by Skyfotos, like this could be one of them.
As noticed the vessel was scrapped in 1963, so this shot is at least taken some 40+ years ago, and she was well maintained.
This auction was a golden purchase.
So please, follow my gallery, for more of these vessels.