Henry Abram (Deliveries/Trials)

25th October 2006, 22:00
I did a couple of deliveries for Henry Abram as well as taking new launchings for trials.

MT Point Tupper (to Point Tupper, Canada for Cory)
MT Thorngarth (from Point Tupper to Newport, UK for Cory)
MV Shell Nigeria ll (from Haugesund, Norway to Lagos, Nigeria for Shell)

USS Beaufort ATS (for Brooke Marine/US Navy)
USS Brunswick ATS (for Brooke Marine/US Navy)
MV Melita (for Hall Russell, Aberdeen)
MV Bridgeman (for Hall Russell, Aberdeen)

26th October 2006, 16:37
What is an allotmenteer

26th October 2006, 21:30
What is an allotmenteer

Way off topic here (*))

I was "given" an allotment for my 59th birthday by my good wife. She thought I should be doing something useful in my partial retirement.

So, I'm a "plot holder" or "allotmenteer"(Hippy)