Capt. Sprigings' Beyond the Mersey - Publishing details

Tony Selman
2nd November 2006, 19:01
For those of you that read the original thread I can indeed confirm that we had problems with the Publisher disc but these were eventually resolved. In parallel Roger Bentley has converted the publication to Serif Page Plus, which is the programme that QSO is now produced in and this is a significant step forward for mankind. I am waiting for this disc to arrive and it is our intention that we will publish from this programme. This condenses the number of pages slightly thereby reducing the page count but the information is exactly the same.

We intend to produce the first run in the middle of next week. The pricing details are as follows and include postage and packing in Jiffy bags to protect from the ravages of the Post Office:-

2nd class postage UK £12.00

Overseas( Canada, USA, South Africa, Australasia) sea mail £14.00

Overseas (as above) air mail £16.50.

Other countries will be on request and we will check with the Post Office.

To get the ball rolling for those of that require a copy please now contact me with a Private Message (DO NOT publish your e mail in an open forum like this) supplying your full postal address. I will then respond with my business contact details for you to send cheques, if you wish to pay by credit card please telephone my office, again do not even think of supplying your CC details in an unencrypted format.

If you need any further information just ask on here or send me a PM.

2nd November 2006, 19:24
Tony, is it ok to give my credit card number together with my postal details? Regards Colin

Tony Selman
2nd November 2006, 20:10

I would strongly suggest you send me a personal message with your address details. I will then reply with my business address and more importantly my business phone number. Much the safest thing to do is give your credit card number over the phone and we will just charge accordingly. There are too many crooks monitoring sites like this for the slightest little slip.

Tony Selman
8th November 2006, 11:14
At long last we are just about to commence a run of the book. Can those of you that have expressed an interest but have not yet contacted me by Private Message please do so and then we can get you on the distribution list once we have your details.

Thanks to those of you that have sent cheques so far. Can you please make cheques payable to "Prontaprint" - John Leary don't worry about yours I will sort it out at this end. If you want to pay by credit card please see the details as described above.

Tony Selman
8th November 2006, 14:18
The first batch will leave here tomorrow (Thursday 9th November). Thanks to those have sent cheques and most interestingly the three cheques that have been received so far all have christian names of John - there must be some significance there?

We will despatch the other books to those whose details I have received, but have not sent a cheque yet, working on the assumption that you are all honest!

I hope you enjoy the book and am sure that you will.