22nd October 2014, 15:39
Hi ,
i managed to read through a thread posted by David, about the Arcadia, and a message came in from someone called Santa, the post was from 2012.
how do i get in touch with the guy called santa? as he mentioned me as he was a stowaway and i helped him a lot, he thoguht i was a cook, but i was a waiter.
if anyone can help it would be brill, thanks
also, i am looking to find anyone who was on Orsova/Arcadia circa 71- 75.

22nd October 2014, 16:37
On behalf of the 'SN Moderating Team, welcome aboard Rex.

What a small world. Looking at your profile, you were aboard the Arcadia the same time as me. Were you a winger in the forward restaurant or aft?. As you will see in the Arcadia thread, I still have loads of copies of Arcadus, so you could feature in them. I have been looking for Rex the cook, not waiter!.

As for Santa, he is still a member, but not been on line since January 2013. The only way of contacting him is via a PM.

22nd October 2014, 16:49
Hi David,
i never knew a rex the cook, i far as i was aware I was the only rex on board,
i was in the aft restaurant, and problably may feature in some of the arcadus editorials, my memory is getting worse now, but one thing i do remember was when santa was thrown off at guam, we all went into the dockside toilets and shaved his head and beard off, gave him a UTILITY STEWARD jacket, and waited to see if he got on again, unfortanatley , he was spotted by the coxswain, ( cant remember his name, it may have been fred?) but he caught him and threw him off again.
if you remember him, santa that is, he used to collect beer /drink cans which were opened from the underside, and sent them home where the last i heard of a few years back was that he had opened a shop where he ran a sell and swap business, - not sure if any of that was a true story, it was told to me by someone who visited jersey who was on board as well and kept in touch with him.

so who are you then? do you remember me, ?

22nd October 2014, 17:09

I was the Hopsital Attendant in charge of the Crew & Isolation Hospital on C Deck after. I came through the aft restaurant every day to the galley when pastients in my hospital, and often had meals there on the Leading Hands table. If memory serves me right, John Hutton was head waiter. Everybody knew me due to my job if I not them!. On the Auatralian Woman's Weekly world cruise early 1975, I received a telegram brought to me at dinner that my youngest son had been born, so we all celebrated passengers joining in as well. Later, the captain and other senior officers came to the Surgeons cabin where I had been invited each with a bottle of bubbly to toast him. I was as drunk in front of the 'old man', but it was partly his fault!. I sill have all the corks with a coins in them. My son is 40 next year, so that is how ling ago it was!. We were between Hong Kong and Hawaii. You mention 'U Gang'. They were part of my stretcher party. My Arcadia thread mentions quite a bit about me, so I will not bore everybody with more [=P]

22nd October 2014, 17:18

When I have time, I will look at editions of Arcadus to see if I can see your name. I by the way was known as 'Medic' in Arcadus. Captain Dallas asked me to write on shipping matters. With so many crew, I do not remember you, but you may remember me?!.

22nd October 2014, 18:03
well things i do remember are
mick on the cheese on toast in the galley, - the go go's eating their curry,s- me winning the table tennis tournament - oh, that may have been the canberra tho..
i have some pictures can i post them sonewhere on here?

22nd October 2014, 18:06
john hutton rings a bell.
I was in quarantine for 2 weeks as i caught yellow jaundice and i was in the quarantined area up aft somewhere, so you may remember that..
there was also a young chinese stowaway girl , which made most of the crew happy, until they all caught some kind of desease, you may have remembered that being a medic. must have been 74

22nd October 2014, 18:37

I do not remember a crew member being quaranined, but it would have been in my aft hospital in the isolation section. I also do not remember the Chinese stowaway, but if 1974, I may not have been on board. I flew home on 19th May 1974 on leave from Vancouver(I think Arcadia was in drydock on Vancouver Island during that crew change). We travelled over to the mainland by ferry, then flew by KLM to London. Instead of returning with the rest of the crew a couple of weeks later, I stayed behind to have my wisdom teeth out at the Seaman's Hospital Greenwich. After I had revovered I spent some time at head officer sorting out medical records and doing the same aboard Canberra twice, and Oriana returning to Arcadia in October 1974 flying to Sydney where she would be based replacing Himalaya. Until then, as you would remember, we were based on the west coast of the USA.

22nd October 2014, 23:51
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all all this great site has to offer

23rd October 2014, 08:58
Im tempted now to dig out my old seamans book to get the dates i was on her, i will also post some pics when i get the chance to dig them out,

26th October 2014, 16:36
Greetings jerseytony and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.