New Book Review - Mariner's Memorabilia

9th November 2006, 15:53
In several of my posts I have mentioned my great interest in Merchant Navy crested chinaware. This interest was kindled by the friendship that I have with a gentleman who served as a Cadet with Ellerman Wilson, as a Deck Officer with Union-Castle, Clan Line and Bowaters and then, for many years as a Cargo Surveyor for a leading London firm.
For the past 25 years this gentleman, Peter Laister and his Wife Pam (who also served with the NZSCo and Union-Castle) has collected and researched Merchant Navy chinaware and today Peter is regarded by many as being, possibly, the leading expert in his field.
Drawing on his vast experience Peter has now published privately the first-ever, dedicated reference work on the china and crockery used on board British and Commonwealth Merchant ships from the early 19th Century to the end of the 20th Century.
This Book, which comes in two volumes (these can be purchased separately) contain 115 brief Shipping Company histories and the trades in which they were involved, whilst a comprehensive index covers a total of 495 companies.
The two volumes are illustrated with some 1,200 coloured photographs which show not only the china and crockery used onboard but also posters, letterheads and ships.
Having been given the opportunity of reviewing this work, I can only describe it as "magnificent". As the first-ever book on this subject, Mariner's Memorabilia is a wonderful tribute to an aspect of the Merchant Navy that is gone forever and that, sadly, we shall never see again.
I am not involved in the sale of this book but if you wish any further information or you would like to contact the author direct, please send me a PM and I will forward his E Mail address and/or his telephone number to you.