Jack Bruce.

Farmer John
25th October 2014, 21:15
Sad to see he has died, a very good guitar player, a brilliant musician and the writer of some excellent songs.

john shaw
25th October 2014, 21:23
I'll be putting up black curtains in my White Room, in memory. Cream were the soundtrack to several of my teen years!

25th October 2014, 22:15
See Cream at Lincoln City football ground in the 60s.What a gig.
RIP Jack

Farmer John
25th October 2014, 22:19
Ginger Baker's drum solos could get a little long, but the rest was often sublime.

25th October 2014, 22:58
Virtuoso bass player who has left us with a marvellous back catalogue of compositions. Still listen regularly to Disraeli Gears amongst others. RIP Jack and thanks for the pleasure you gave me.

25th October 2014, 23:24
jack bruce.rest in peace,my condolences to his family.regards ben27

dave beaumont
26th October 2014, 08:24
R I P Jack Bruce. One of the best bass players ever. Time to play I'm so Glad and Politician. Condolences to his family.

26th October 2014, 09:30
Uniquely talented as songwriter, bass player and vocalist. "Disraeli Gears " and " Songs for a Tailor" still tops. Sad he did not enjoy his Spanish home as he hoped.

26th October 2014, 11:11
Once asked who his greatest bass player was he said Beethoven

26th October 2014, 19:22
Also like Jacks composition "Theme from an Imaginary Western" - particularly played by Leslie West.

26th October 2014, 20:22
Once asked who his greatest bass player was he said Beethoven

This perceptive remark of his raises my opinion of him still higher; I know what he meant.

The members of Cream were of such high musical calibre that two of them, sensing that the third was on a roll, could leave the stage and enjoy a break for ten minutes or so before resuming (a bit wearing for the ears if it was the drummer). I wonder whether all three of them can be looked upon as descendants of the Skiffle craze that Lonnie Donegan triggered in 1956? Perhaps someone on here knows the answer.

R.I.P. Jack, and thanks.

26th October 2014, 21:35
Best live music night I attended was the Gerry Rafferty tribute do where Jack Bruce was amazing. RIP

Alex Salmond
27th October 2014, 18:28
http://youtu.be/1PTUpzsDkuA A wee classic from two legends Jack and the great Lesley West from Mountain Happy Trails Jack

8th November 2014, 08:36
To have seen Cream live would have been something. I have all their albums & play them regularly. Pressed Rat & Warthog, love it!. He will surely be missed but what a musical legacy.