Resolution Bay

david smith
31st October 2004, 13:38
The P&O/OCL Resolution Bay under construction at Bremen 1977 (43,674tg).
The Blue Star ship under refit is believed to be the New Zealand Star ('67 11,393tg). She re-emerged as the Wellington Star.

10th March 2005, 01:48
it could also be the southland star

Doug Rogers
10th March 2005, 03:43
Good picture, they were big ships for their time but now dwarfed by the behemoths around. Used to be a regular caller in the Antipodes for a long time, dont know what happened to her but I am sure someone will.

10th March 2005, 16:41
The RESOLUTION BAY was report to be broken up at the end 2003 and i suppose scrapped in 2004.Interesting the ship has not changing name in all
her life!!!!.

Doug Rogers
11th March 2005, 00:37
Thanks Tanker, it would have to one of the few that hadnt changed names, any idea what run she was on in her later life as she certainly didnt seem to appear here in the latter years.

12th March 2005, 22:24
I always thought she was on the ANZECS run until the end - but perhaps I'm wrong.....

Doug Rogers
12th March 2005, 23:09
No you may be right, thats logical but she didnt seem to be around the latter years, jt havent seen or noticed her around the Sydney area for a long long time...probably last 4-5 years...but she may have omitted Sydney and done the biz in Melbourne..that was happening a bit as well!!

12th March 2005, 23:25
From what friend in P&ONL told me I think she may have been on the South African run, as I recall he was on her in drydock in Capetown 3 years ago.
She was certainly still about late 2003, as I recall reading one of her Met Reports and wildlife sightings in the Marine Observer (essential reading on those long evening watches). She sent her last report (which was published) whilst at anchor in the river, waiting to go up to the breakers yard.
Incidentally, this interesting publication (published quarterly by the Met Office and sent to all Met reporting ships) is to be axed, as part of funding cutbacks.
And they call it progress.

Doug Rogers
13th March 2005, 02:16
Thanks for that info Jim..seems to fit in very well with Tankers contribution earlier in the thread!!. Probably shaving with her now or else she is girders on some construction site. Am aware of the publication you mention although havent seen one for a fair while now....progress is a wonderful thing, but it always seems to bring cutbacks of one sort or another!!.

24th February 2007, 09:39
I did a couple of trips on the Resolution Bay, albeit well over 10 years ago. Back then she was on Tilbury - (Cape Town, sometimes) - Freemantle - Port Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney - Aukland - Wellington - Lyttleton - Port Chalmers, round Cape Horn and back up to Europe, 29 days at sea. Some of my happiest memories are from the times I spent on her.

24th March 2007, 11:42
"Resolution Bay" Reports from World Ship Society have her as Broken-Up Sept-02
along with her sisters all going too Chinese Breakers,They were all still on the New Zealand coast till the end,phased out while the New Albatross Class
(PONL REMUERA ect) came on stream. I have a photo of her leaving Lyttelton
December 2001
Regards; Wayne