Estelle Maersk

19th November 2006, 16:08
Estelle is due in Algeciras 25/11 at 08.00 and out the next day at 14.00.
Emma is in Algeciras and due out in the morning (20/11) at 08.00 so it will be dark and cold again!!!!
Eleonora is due to enter service some time between 02-17/01/07.
Will see if I can get pics in the morning!
By the way, Maersk are never too keen to give out specs about their ships, what I got sent is:
170,974t gross
55,936 net
156,907 dwt
Still rather large!!
Rgds Neill

Jan Hendrik
19th November 2006, 22:56
Expression of tonnage got a new dimension with these container carriers.
As a rule of thumb In the old days GRT versus DWT was about 6:10, meaning a 6000 GRT cargo vessel would be around 10.000 DWT and thus could load about 10.000 tonnes of cargo (or a little less).
A tanker was about 1:3 , thus 80.000 GRT would have a DWT of around 240.000.
Passenger ships/cruise ships which are basically only advertised in GRT have of course complete different ratios, i.e. a cruise ship of 100.000 GRT may only be 15.000 DWT.
I quite well realise that GRT is a measurement of VOLUME and DWT as weight, so there is no direct correlation, but now we see these container giants having a GRT which is larger than DWT.
Maersk as far as I know takes 15 or 16 tonnes weight per 20 TEU as their way of measuring the DWT, can anybody confirm or correct this.
Any comments to the above? Fred maybe?

25th November 2006, 05:07
The Estelle is late, due in now 26/11 at 02.00 and out 27/11 at 14.00, still women are normally late!!!
Rgds Neill