1st December 2006, 18:49
I came across this site and it looks fascinating.
I've always been interested in ships...Sailed for the first time in 1949- Trieste to Port Said - to join my father who was in the Royal Signals regiment stationed in Moascar Garrison, Ismailia.
After we were evacuated from Ismailia during the Emergency in 1951 we sailed back from Port Said to Southampton and I'd like to find out which ships were involved in the evacuation of the families.
Took the P & O Canton from Southampton to Penang in 1955 and returned on the same ship to Britain in 1956. I'd like to hear from anyone's who has been on the Canton or knows anything about it. I believe it's the Canton 3 and I understand it was scrapped in the early sixties.
We emigrated to Canada on the SS France (2nd last voyage) from Southampton to N.Y. in August 1974. Even before its final voyage there were signs of labour unrest on the ship. I am very interested in the fate of this ship...I understand the Blue Lady (as it's now named) is sitting somewhere in the ship graveyards of southern India but that its scrapping has been delayed because of environmental concerns about asbestos.
Since then have taken numerous cruises on Celebrity, Princess, Holland America and Oceania - they're wonderful and very luxurious compared to the old ships....but nothing will ever compare to the 3-4 weeks I spent on the Canton when I was 10-11 years of age.

non descript
1st December 2006, 19:49
Cassandra, a warm welcome to you. Thank you for joining the community, enjoy the site and all it has to offer and we very much look forward to your postings and hopefully news that you have traced your ships from a byegone age. Bon Voyage

Hugh MacLean
1st December 2006, 22:01
Welcome aboard, Cassandra, I hope you enjoy the site.

1st December 2006, 22:33

A warm welcome to the site from Anglesey.
I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy the SN experience!
Since you share common interests with many of our members you will undoubtedly be exchanging messages before long. (Thumb)

1st December 2006, 23:34
Welcome from the North of England Cassandra,

There are a lot of us here that share you interest in the old ships.

Enjoy the site and everything on offer.



2nd December 2006, 10:33
Welcome Cassandra from the south of England, glad to hear you enjoyed your time on the Canton, a ship that was my home for many years as an engineer.
Enjoy SN as we do.

2nd December 2006, 11:34
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy your time on site

Frank P
2nd December 2006, 12:02
Welcome onboard Cassandra, enjoy the site.


3rd December 2006, 03:43
That's fascinating! I recall that in those days we were allowed to tour the engine room. Quite the experience.
Kids had a whale of a time on the ship...very simple pleasures - exploring every nook and cranny of the ship, playing deck tennis, quoits and Monopoly but we had a whale of a time!
Were you on the ship in 1955/56?

3rd December 2006, 12:22
Cassandra, left Canton 1954, from an enginneering point of view she was a good ship to be on, nice and easy going and plenty of night time enterainment!!!

4th December 2006, 20:29
Hello R58484956- We sailed around May/June 1955 to Penang. Are you aware of any information about her that can be accessed online? I've tried to track photos or any other information but so far without success.
My father sailed home on the Willem Ruys which I think became the Achille Lauro!

5th December 2006, 11:45
Hi Cass 2 photos of Canton on http://www.mowbars.plus.com page 5 under pics of ships.

7th December 2006, 01:49
Thanks so much R58484956!!..I've run off a copy of the photo of the Canton and am going to put it in our family history.
I have a photo of the Circassia on which my grandfather's cousin sailed from Glasgow to New York in 1885 and I shall try to upload that one. Interesting contrast!

9th December 2006, 00:39
cassandra welcome to this fantastic forum,welcome onboard,all best and enjoy this home,best regards****(A) MERRY CHRISTMAS(A) bye from Portugal

11th December 2006, 00:30
Thanks to Fernando and everyone else who sent best wishes! Merry Christmas to everyone and all the best for 2007!