Happy to Know your there!

2nd December 2006, 21:13
Hi'ya all.
just signed articles on this site, so far very much enjoying it,
Back from Taz to the old country on family matters, Don't have web at home, had no call, will rectify on return.
Whats been going on over here? who's holed this country below the water line?
I'd heard things were bad but i didn't realise how bad!
Somethings got to be done and soon.

Happier days now! 1968 to 84 In MN with NZSco, BP, P&O before heading south for better climes. Made it to 'llandarcy/ Neath' as a tanker boy for BP Never looked back, consider myself very lucky to have done so much, seen so much and met so many great and colourful characters, (Got paid for it as well)
There was always the down side of course overbearing 2nd swd's & Cat officers (OK Norman!BP) but the good far, far outweighed the bad,
Anyway I'll keep login on and hopefully make a few old contacts, maybe an odd visit before i have to head home,can't enjoy myself for too long.

Thanks for the time. Te'ra.


marty 552
2nd December 2006, 21:41

MARTY 552(Thumb)

2nd December 2006, 22:36

A warm welcome to the site and I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy the SN experience!
You will certainly spark many happy memories when you have a chance to explore our threads and, who knows, you may even re-establish contact with old shipmates.

What's wrong with you man ........ it's only a wee bit liquid sunshine and a puff of wind! Have you gone soft since you went 'down under'? (Jester)

Get that PC in Taz organised because you will be addicted to SN before you set off homeward!

Good luck! (Thumb)

Frank P
2nd December 2006, 23:01
Welcome onboard Tillo, enjoy the site.


3rd December 2006, 00:43
Hi Tillo and welcome to the site.

You don't way which "old country" you are referring to - is that Australia or the UK? The latter doesn't seem so bad to me - but maybe that is because I have been here all the time and didn't notice the change you seem to have seen.

Enjoy the site!



3rd December 2006, 03:30
Welcome Tillo from another Taswegian, good to have you aboard.

Keith Adams
3rd December 2006, 07:12
Tillo sounds like agood old Scouse to me... welcome. "Tirrar Then" has become
"Cheers" I think... good to hear (see) the old expressions again.Regards, Snowy

3rd December 2006, 10:31
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

3rd December 2006, 12:16
WElcome Tillo to a great maritime site, enjoy what you see and join in when you have the time.

jim barnes
3rd December 2006, 14:59
welcome from me too, not that bad here at least we have some thing to look forward to? like emigrating. lol

4th December 2006, 16:09
thanks for all your greetings, the old country, 'Benjidog' is U.K.
sorry 'Snowy', Wrong side of pennines. when i was permanent up here!
Mr Barnes! give it a try, we all can't be wrong & your never too old.