Accommodation for junior sailors / Hello from Fatbot

12th December 2006, 13:17
Greetings all

What sort of accomodation do cargo/container ships have for junior sailors?

Do they generally share quarters with other sailors or have their own cabins?

Many thanks

12th December 2006, 14:11
Well in the past they tended to share cabins. By Junior Sailors what do you mean exactly?
Trainees (Deck boys) or just lads who've only been at sea a few years/hold a lower rank?
These days everyone on board gets their own cabin and bathroom. Trainees (Deck Boys), have however become a thing of the past.

12th December 2006, 16:08

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12th December 2006, 16:30
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Hugh MacLean
12th December 2006, 17:08
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12th December 2006, 22:27
Thanks for the welcome and the info guys.:)

By junior sailors i meant people who are low in rank/new to the sea. Not sure what the actual term is sorry.

So they all get their own cabin nowadays? I was looking at some photos of navy ships and was surprised at how cramped their conditions are. Bunks all piled on top of each other. It sounds like civilian sailors get decent accomodation compared to military sailors.

The Fat One

13th December 2006, 08:52
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13th December 2006, 12:58
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13th December 2006, 16:25
Welcome to the site Fat bot. Just as a matter of interest I served in HMS Aurora in the 1960's. She was a very new RN Frigate (Leander Class) in those days. On my messdeck if you can imagine the letter U we had 9 bunks, 3 high down each side and 3 along the bottom. In daytime the 2 upper bunks were folded back and the lower one was used for seating - in those days we thought they were a vast improvement to slinging hammocks or using a camp bed under the messdeck table! The only problem I had was because I had the top bunk of the 3 my head was about 6" from a punka louvre in the fan trunking that was constantly blowing out hot air - yet always managed to sleep soundly.

13th December 2006, 17:52
Even as a deck boy on my first trip in '69 I had my own cabin.
The best accommodation I had was when I was a navigating cadet with Common Bros. The Border Pele had room for 4 cadets , with a bedroom with 4 bunks and a separate lounge and bathroom. I had it all to myself for 9 months, it was more room than most of the officers had.

14th December 2006, 01:05
Once again thanks for the welcomes guys and also for replying to my question.:)