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15th December 2006, 07:49
My name is Andrew and I live near Sydney in Australia. I have been researching the life of my maternal grandfather, John George Corbett, born in 1904 near Gateshead, England. From what I can determine, he left school at age 12 and served in many capacities aboard many merchant ships including the SS Bellasco, the Broom Park in 1930 and, at one point, was aboard the HMS Arethusa, though not as a member of the Naval crew. He was apparently a good boxer and I have a photo of him squared up against US Marine and future heavyweight champ Gene Tunney. Any help to enlighten me on these boats/ships or on the man himself would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Andrew

john shaw
15th December 2006, 08:24
Hello Andrew, welcome. See this link for info, and further links you may wish to follow, on this site re Bellasco


the same pic without overprinting is at


you'll find a pic of "Broompark" built 1910 at


however, this image appears to be of a general cargo ship, whilst the records show the 1910 ship to have been a collier-- see:


--the 1910 ship was renamed Effra in 1915,so it is unlikely to be your ship.It was sunk 1941.

Therefore that image may be incorrectly titled/dated and show a later Broompark (probably,judging from the ship's lines, the one you seek, built 1923).If you are referring to around 1930, I think the ship to which you refer is that built 1923

BROOMPARK 2464 tons, built 1923 by Livingstone & Cooper, Hull for Denholm
Line. Official number of this vessel was 147805. In 1932 she was sold to Finland and renamed GULL.

-- the later ship of the same name subject to most reporting for it's sinking in WW2 by U552 was not built until 1939 on the Clyde.

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15th December 2006, 08:45
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15th December 2006, 18:27
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Hugh MacLean
15th December 2006, 19:03
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