Gjemre & Co Limited

17th December 2006, 14:01
Are there anyone on the forum who can provide information on a company called GJEMRE & CO LIMITED in Newcastle.

I think the company was dissolved in the 1980'.


john shaw
17th December 2006, 17:18
the attached refer at some point to Gjemre,who appear to have been owners/agents of Northern/Norman Steamshipping Company



18th December 2006, 11:27
Many thanks for this information.

The "Ashington" was new to me !

The "Sumatra" ex. "Salsette", was in 1889 sold to Berge Bergesen in Stavanger, who was brother in law of Gjemre.

Beside the "Sumatra", Berge Bergesen was also the manager of the Stavanger registered "Earnford" at 2412 grt, built in Newcastle in 1889, and owned by Gjemre & CO.

"Timor" at 2157 grt, built in Newcastle in 1872, was another vessel flying the houseflag of Berge Bergesen. I assume that Gjemre also had an ownership share in this vessel.

Gjemre was also the owner of the Stavanger registered "Stamford" at 503 grt, built in Stavanger in 1884. This vessel was managed by Gjemres brother, captain Johan E. Gjemre in Stavanger.

Are there photos available of the above mentioned vessels ?

Many thanks and BON VOYAGE

15th January 2008, 19:25
Hello. Lauritz Gjemre - who as far as i know founded Gjemre & Co - of Newcastle was my great grandfather. If you are still looking into this company i would be more than grateful for any information you could share.

14th January 2010, 17:10
Hello again, i am so sorry to have lost contact with you via direct e mail, i lost all my e mails at some stage so have had to try and contact you again via ships nostalgia.
We spoke of my mother before, Lauritz Gjemre's granddaughter. She and i are due to visit Stavanger in May, i think that is where you are based, is that correct? Please do let me know. You very kindly sent me some information on the Gjemre family before and i have sadly lost that as well!

kind regards
Vanessa Lavender

14th January 2010, 17:24
Greetings Vanessa and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.