Mahronda Blazer Badge

18th December 2006, 00:24
I have just unearthed this badge and wonder if you can translate the motto and message contained therein.

I was apprentice on the Mahronda at this time and Dent Holt was the colourful 2nd Steward who designed the badge and had it produced in Calcutta. I think there was big a demand for it at the time so quite a few might still survive, though I have yet to see it on the site. The original measures about 5" x 4" so one would have had to have had a mighty big top pocket on which to sew it!

I was on Mahronda for a few trips and cannot remember all the personnel. Capt Humble
C\O Embleton and Johnny Long
2nd Mate Trev Williams
3rd Mate LMS Noriss
Apprentice Colin Kingston and I think Ray Espley

Happy days

Derek Roger
18th December 2006, 00:43
Very nice ;
Cant help much with the translation sorry although Im suree many will . I recognise some of the names but the only one I sailed with was Colin Kingston ( From Doncaster )who was 2nd mate when I was on Mahout and Markor.

18th December 2006, 07:09
The flag hoists within spell "Drop" and "Dead".

Johnny Long was captain on Maturata in 1966, Colin Kingston 2nd mate on Malakand '64 through to '66 at least, and from heresay, mate on the Mahout probably early '70s.

Roger Bentley
18th December 2006, 15:46
Seeing the badge has reminded me that some time ago Brian Turner kindly lent me a copy of a magazine published on the Mahronda. It was called the Mahrovian and featured on the front page the picture attached to this mailing. I believe it was taken in Vizag. The magazine contained several articles and of particular interest to me as editor of the Radio Officers' Association Journal QSO were the pieces by Bill Ritch 1R/O who wrote about going to sea just after WW1 and his junior penned a poem to the transmitter. I cannot recall any other names except for Ernie Prevost who was the Purser / Chief Steward. Thought this might be of interest. Regards, Roger Bentley