Ben Line Archives.

ian keyl
4th December 2014, 15:53
I have been told that there is soon to be a volume by volume cataloged history of Ben Line coming down the slipway from Glasgow University.
A young man Neil Ogg of the Libraries dept has spent the last year gathering archives from various sources and compiling them into a complete catalog of the companies history .

This will be open to the public in the near future and I understand some will be on line. The catalog will have Company timeline history as well as Voyage account books Log books,Ships plans,Ship design, New buildings, press cuttings from all over, crew data,Crew lists, Photos of most model ships, Photos of ships around the world and some taken by crew. .Some of the data will go from very early days up to 1978 .

I understand Neil has drawn great passion for the company whilst he has been undertaking this challenge.

Neil has a blog which has three short chapters in it so far about Ben Line.He can be found under, "Neil Glasgow University Libraries".

I wish him well with this project and await the final outcome .

Rgs Ian