Inverted Anchor

Norman Angell
22nd December 2006, 20:17

My name is Norman Angell and I am the son of a ship's cook lost on the SS Cape Corso on the Russian run in May 1942. I am trying to discover the significance of an inverted anchor used as an emblem or as a badge. I have seen it on two tapestries in the Hull Guildhall and also used as a lapel badge.

Can anyone help?

Many Thanks,

Norman Angell

22nd December 2006, 20:42

I have heard of this before. I believe that it may have a relegious meaning and that it was used as a symbol of a belief by sailors and fishermen of Gods power to protect them from the sea.


non descript
22nd December 2006, 21:25
Norman, a warm welcome to you and a Happy Christmas. Thank you for joining the community; enjoy the site and all it has to offer and we very much look forward to your postings, hopefully with news that your quest for information has met with success. Bon Voyage

22nd December 2006, 23:55
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I hope someone will be able to answer your query shortly. If you want to learn more about life at sea you need look no further than this site.



R.Philip Griffin
23rd December 2006, 00:17
Welcome Norman; this is a great site with plenty of variety. Re. your query, I believe it represents a stylized Christian Cross as applied to seafarers. I read this somewhere, probably in a Flying Angel donated "Readers Digest".

23rd December 2006, 10:44
Welcome Norman , first lets wish you a happy Christmas then on joining the site of SN enjoy it and all it has to offer. Bon voyage.

23rd December 2006, 13:06
St Columba's Church, at Burntisland, also has this inverted anchor symbol, the following website gives an explanation. (paragraph 6) (

23rd December 2006, 13:31
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23rd December 2006, 16:19
Thanks for the finding the answer SteveCz - you learn something new every day here.


23rd December 2006, 16:25
Thought I was right (Thumb)

23rd December 2006, 16:47
Sorry Chris - you were first with this answer and I didn't spot it! Credit where it is due I always say!


23rd December 2006, 16:50
Cheers Brian, I remembered it from a book I had read.

Norman Angell
23rd December 2006, 19:52
Many thanks to Chris Allman, Phillip Griffin, SteveCZ and R58484946.
You seem to have solved my problem, I can now see the inverted anchor as a form of christian cross. As Dr Watson used to say to Sherlock Holmes, "It is obvious now you have explained it".
Many thanks again and seasons greetings to all on this site.
Norman Angell.

23rd December 2006, 20:12
Welcome to the site Norman, glad you have found your answer. Hope you enjoy the rest of the site.


24th December 2006, 02:58

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