Its that time of year again. The Ben Line Christmas Message

ian keyl
18th December 2014, 18:18
Its a play on the BBC royal message for Christmas what will it be about.

Well this one is the same as always but our listeners and viewers seem to decrease each year which is very sad indeed. if it was not for them we would have no Nostalgia.

Well fellow seafarers and those landlubbers who wanted to go to sea but never made it but indulge in this site ,I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry and Happy Christmas to you and your families.
This site is like an extended family all the different MN companies I wish you all the very same and a Happy and healthy New year for 2015.

I will be back in the New year after a short break to New York and hopefully more bits of the past.
Cheers Ian.

18th December 2014, 22:34
good day ian keyl sm today.04:18,re:its that time of year again,thank you ian and the same to you and your family.enjoy the big apple.regards ben27

john fraser
22nd December 2014, 14:43
Best Wishes for Christmas and New Year to all ex Ben Line and their families at home or on board somewhere in the world. Remember Ian Keyl to look for a bar in New York with a Ben Line calendar Lol!!!

25th December 2014, 21:57
I,ve just read this post and would like to wish ...ALL HANDS... a Happy New Year names may be forgotten but faces remain !!!!!

Paul Barford
1st January 2015, 14:50
(Jester)Best wishes for 2015 to all Ben line survivors out there !


Ali Bain
1st January 2015, 17:03
And to you Paul, I don't think there are many of us left? Tam Fairweather is the only other one I can think of. This might just be the year I hang up my shifter, 44 years is long enough but time will tell.
Regards-Ali. Bain (North Sea)

Paul Barford
2nd January 2015, 11:53
And to you Paul, I don't think there are many of us left? Tam Fairweather is the only other one I can think of. This might just be the year I hang up my shifter, 44 years is long enough but time will tell.
Regards-Ali. Bain (North Sea)

Cheers Ali, don't know of anyone remaining out there either, but never did in my part of the world. Was thinkg of hanging up my shifter too, but now in LNG FSRUconstrution program and heading back to Korea to bring out another still going!(Pint)

Joe Freeman
3rd January 2015, 03:20
Best wishes and a Happy and Health New Year to all Ben Line survivors from Joe & Grace on the West coast of British Columbia.

tam fairweather
3rd January 2015, 08:49
Best wishes to all for 2015
Shifter hanging to take place on February 11th in Suriname

Ali Bain
3rd January 2015, 16:49
Good luck to you, you have beat me to it. I hope retirement is good to you, at least you have chosen somewhere warm for the shifter..!! Surely there are more that three ex Ben line men out there still with a shifter?

ian keyl
8th January 2015, 20:45
To all the Ben lads out there i hope your New Year went well and will continue in all ways for you all.
For John Fraser, We had a great New year in NY but it froze my b--ls off, we had no chance in getting anywhere near Times Square (not that it was my goal ) we left the hotel on South Lower Central Park and walked to 7th Ave then walked down several blocks and we met the NYPD blockades where they were screening folk, If you had a back pack you had to leave it in the middle of the street and claim it later . putting you in pens they then slowly moved you further down the Avenue . we got down to the Sheraton on 53rd street and called it a day .
We stood over a grate in the pavement from the metro where hot air was blowing up your draws (Still haven't learnt wife would not lend me any of her tights) Whilst on the corner we were joined by two other British couples one Guy originally from Thurso and now living in Blairgowrie (worked in INt security grew up in S'pore but had traveled the world and others were from Cumbria. We saw the crystal ball fall at midnight on a huge screen on one of the buildings and then moved into a bar but alas no Ben Line calendar on the walls ,Maybe John we were in the wrong part of town. My cheeks and feet were frozen and I went to bed with my socks on that night,we heard later that some folk had stood in Time Square for 9 hours waiting to see the new year in. The lad from Thurso produced a back pack with a bottle of Champers so we had a cold dram but not so warming. I asked him how he still had his back pack and he said its my job. He must have been the new 007 from Thurso instead of Edinburgh.

What I can say is that i do have a Ben Line calender for this year ,the same old type of pictures and lay out as the ones we used to get in the old days.

It snowed one day whilst we were there and it was very beautiful in Central Park.

Well back to the grind stone and get the grey matter working on some new threads. Good Luck to you all. Rgds Ian.

15th January 2015, 09:31
Ian, would it be possible for me to buy a calendar? I left Ben Line in 1965 but Ben Line has never left me.