Hello there

20th November 2004, 10:39
Came across this site quite by accident, but glad I did. Had a look through the Member List and note a few kiwis here, and also a member from the Netherlands who I have come across before - I wonder if he remembers?
Sorry I have no seafaring experience to speak of, apart from a couple of ringbolt trips!
My main interest is coastal ships around the coast of New Zealand and I have a website dealing with that subject.
I grew up in Timaru, NZ and well remember the ships of Blue Star, Port Line, Federal, NZS, Shaw Savill, etc calling there to load meat for the U.K., a trade now gone (along with the ships) and even the meat loaders at No.1 Wharf have gone.
I'm getting nostalgic already...................

20th November 2004, 11:39
Started on the Durango 1945 then the Oranto and the Rimutaka Rangitki Hurinui llannggibby Caslte Donnotar Castle Matiana Dilwara Dunera Paparoa
Uruguay Star i finnished the sea in 1956, now live in Eastboune Sussex
stated as pantry boy and ende up Barman on the blue Star and Canteen steward on the Troopships. a bit of useless infomatoin
regards Joe

20th November 2004, 18:31
Hello and welcome to Ships Nostalgia.The site is expanding rapidly and there is a great deal to interest everyone.
Look forward to seeing you around

Paul (Fairfield)


david smith
20th November 2004, 19:54
Look at the picture of the Hardwick Grange in the Houlder Brothers section - Timaru at its best!

20th November 2004, 21:26
Nothing quite like Timaru on a fine sunny day!! Great photo of a classic British cargo liner.

21st November 2004, 11:21
Hello Flyer and welcome.

21st November 2004, 13:42
Welcome from Italy!!!
From an enthusiast of merchant ships.

21st November 2004, 22:56
Thanks for the words of welcome guys. I've only been here a couple of days and thoroughly enjoying the site. It is a credit to you for setting it up and it certainly has great potential.